The Sportz Nutt Examines Two Of The Worst Franchises In Sports

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My dad is a Browns fan, and every single week, I hear his agony over every defeat, and I also see a glimpse of promise every time someone does something small that’s positive. For instance, right now, he is adamant that Connor Shaw should be the QB going forward. It’s things like this that take me back to my years of being a Clippers fan and a Cardinals fan, and how poorly run they were. Donald Sterling and Bill Bidwill were two money hungry inept owners that knew nothing of how to handle running a professional sports franchise. Currently, you could say there are a few like that, and today we will examine two.

1) Cleveland Browns

Record in past 8 seasons: 37-91
Coaches in past 8 seasons: 6
Starting QB in past 8 seasons: 16

Those stats are really shocking for any team, much less one with a storied history (if you take the name, not the lineage). A main problem with them is that their current owner does not have an eye for talent. A few years ago, the Browns made many trades to stockpile draft picks for the recent drafts. During those drafts, the Browns either picked players much too early (Manziel) or ignored their needs (no WR until the 4th round this year). Off the field is no better, as the Browns now have to rebuild from scratch with their THIRD regime, and as such, went with their…..salary cap lawyer, Sashi Brown?!?! How the heck he will be able to evaluate talent is beyond me, but Jimmy Haslam, the owner of the Browns, thinks it’s highly possible to do so with much success. Oy vay. Furthermore, along the lines of this mess, Brown will have the final say after the GM is hired….and that will be AFTER the coach is hired, who will subsequently have input over who HIS boss will be?!?!?! So, if you thought they were bad now, with limited talent, imagine the future when they have to “lure” a coach to come over, start a system, and rebuild with the players that the accountant wanted!

2) Philadelphia 76ers

Record in past 3 seasons: 41-162

I realize that the time frame of comparison here is significantly different from that of the Browns, but I think the above stat speaks for itself. In 2.5 seasons, the 76ers have 2 more wins as a team than Golden State had at home last season. Think about that for a moment. They also possess the prestige of having 3 of the 33 longest losing streaks in NBA history over those 3 seasons. They are the first team in NBA history to lose 29 of their first 30 games. They are rostering players that, in my opinion, wouldn’t even crack the bench of other teams: Kendall Marshall anyone? That being said, it’s widely believed that they are doing this to rebuild with top draft picks, and, year after year, they find themselves in the mix for them. Sometimes though, it just doesn’t work out the way it should. Joel Embiid, their 3rd overall pick in 2014, has yet to step on the court due to injuries. Elfrid Payton, now of the Orlando Magic, and who was drafted by the 76ers, could have really helped out the struggling franchise. Instead, he was sent to Orlando on draft day for Dario Saric, who has been playing internationally. Jahlil Okafor, taken 3rd overall last season, has been all over the news for his public fights on the streets. To make matters worse, the NBA saw what was happening and stepped in to intervene, by assigning Jerry Colangelo to help GM Sam Hinkie from continuing his mistakes.

These are only the major details for each case, but there are so many others that haven’t been mentioned. And so my readers, which franchise is worse?

And there you have it.