The Sportz Nutt Gives Us 452 Words on Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants

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I think it’s unbelievable that Eli Manning has been benched for Geno Smith. In case you haven’t heard, the struggling (to put it lightly) New York football Giants, made the decision to put Eli Manning on the bench and start Geno Smith on the field. Other than tanking (which they’ve been unintentionally doing all year), there really is no benefit that I see with this move. Geno Smith is not as smart as Eli, doesn’t understand the playbook as well as Eli, and cannot game manage like Eli. Furthermore, what is there to gain? Are they that serious in seeing what they have in Geno Smith for 2018? Is McAdoo online to be the coach in 2018? The answer is no to both questions, and the Giants made a classless move. Why not give the QB who helped win you TWO Super Bowl trophies an opportunity to gracefully exit and/or keep the streak alive? Furthermore, if you want to think more about your team, why not let Eli teach the young WR some ins and outs during game play to see what they have for next year?

As mentioned, putting in Geno Smith was a classless move. The Giants should have taken notes from the NBA League Pass and seen what the Dallas Mavericks have been doing for a few years. There’s a guy there named Dirk Nowitzki. He has helped them win a championship and has been a foundation in the Maverick plans (and city) for years, despite their losing ways. Every year or two, Mark Cuban extends the olive branch of money and gives him a contract and the starting job to Dirk, as a way of saying thank you for the hard work he has accomplished for years. This season, they are 5-17 and worlds away from even sniffing the playoffs, yet there is on the court, playing for almost 25 minutes a game, despite his somewhat regressed talent and numbers. And there’s the kicker….has Eli’s talent regressed? There’s no evidence of a running game for most of the year, the backups to the backups in the receiving core have been injured, the offensive line has been porous…..not sure what they expected Eli to do this year?

All that said, I’m not sure if Eli Manning is done playing football. I can certainly see him latch onto a contending team next year in an attempt to win it all one more time. However, if he is done, and this is his ride off into the sunset, I tip my hat to you Mr. Manning, for a career filled with more ups than downs, for making the Giants contenders, and for being a gentleman even until the bitter end.

And there you have it.