The Sportz Nutt Gives Us A Tweet From Every NBA Team Summarizing Their Accomplishments So Far.

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There are some that say the NBA season doesn’t matter until after the All-Star Break. There are others that say the NBA season doesn’t really start until Christmas. If you are in either of those boats, then you have definitely missed out on A LOT! Here’s a tweet for each team, quickly summarizing their acomplishment(s) thus far.

Cleveland: First in the East and coasting through the season, Kyrie has developed even more. #Back2Back

Toronto: One superstar away from possibly dethroning the champs, perhaps Cousins? #Alwaysimproving

Charlotte: Taking the next step now, but will they be able to maintain the gain, or sustain the pain? #MJ2K17

Boston: Should be better than they are if they want to challenge Cleveland. #Underachieved

New York: Tied with Boston in the East, probably didn’t expect much more. #ShutupPhil

Chicago: Up and down season with inconsistent play. #Rollercoaster

Milwaukee: Giannis for MVP in 2019 #GreekFreak4Real

Detroit: Healthy now and should move up the food chain. #WatchoutafterXmas

Atlanta: Incredible start and lackluster since, is Millsap that damn good? #NoSchrode

Indiana: Just wait until they play together a little longer. #Larryneedsthis

Orlando: An utter mess with too much youth. #Magicmissing

Washington: About to hit rock bottom, Wall’s bid for league’s elite is laughable. #EverybodybeatstheWiz

Miami: Just horrible and no real hope for the future. #Ugh

Brooklyn: Had a mini run of defying the odds with wins early on, now following the laws of probability. #UGH

Philadelphia: At 5-18, best record they’ve had in years. #Embiidis4real

Golden State: Just when you thought they couldn’t get along and had no depth, they prove they are elite. #NobodyBetta

San Antonio: If they could somehow win at home….you read that right. #StillPopogood

Los Angeles Clippers: Falling back down to earth, while remaining healthy. #Endoftheroad

Houston: Feel good story, especially now that Harden plays D. #MVP

Memphis: If Conley were healthy, they would be a force; instead they’re a Phantom Menace. #Badluck

Oklahoma City: Just tune in to watch Westbrook dominate the world. #TripsDubMachine

Utah Jazz: My sleeper pick for potential Western Conference champs. #Notatypo

Portland: Proving that 2015-16 was an anomoly. #Lillardballing

Los Angeles Lakers: Will fall down to earth soon too. #Still2ndinLA

Sacramento: Falling towards Philly territory. #Cousinsneedstogo

Denver: A bit of a disappointment they haven’t yet improved off last year’s success. #Stilltime

Phoenix: They’re all imitating last year’s Harden on defense. #IcanplaybetterDwithatornpatellarjoint

New Orleans: Burger King enthusiasts are healthier than the Pelicans these past few years. #89stackofpancakesisgross

Minnesota: Is there a more disappointing team out there? #Futurewasbrighter

Dallas: Cuban needs to shut up and worry about his team. #NBASharkTank

And there you have it.