The Sportz Nutt Gives You His World Series Prediction

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By David Funnell


It almost seems right that the Astros are playing the Dodgers in this year’s World Series, doesn’t it? Let me explain.

In the National League, the best team by far all season was the Los Angeles Dodgers. They got quality and timely pitching, terrific hitting from 1-8 and great bullpen work all year. Kershaw, Darvish and a healthy Hill and Wood, make an interesting and intriguing 1-2 punch to start and are good enough to win a series. They were clearly the better team as they overpowered the Cubs and had an answer for everything Chicago threw at them. Some people doubt the Cubs, but they’ve had long runs in the playoffs for 3 years in a row, and this is merely a bump in the road for them. The Dodgers are the best team out there, and the only thing that can derail their momentum is a hot defense.

Speaking of which….

The Astros are the complete opposite with regards to pitching. Dallas Keuchel is their undisputed ace, and will lead the charge, but is not in the category of those pitchers listed up above. He is very very good, but he can falter and doesn’t dominate as he used to. Behind him are guys like Lance McCullers, Charlie Morton (who pitched the game of his life in Game 7 vs the Yankees), and Justin Verlander. While Verlander can handle his own, the Astros pitching staff is nowhere near the quality level of the Dodgers. They do, however, have an offense like no other. Led by Jose Altuve, they can hammer home the runs in quite a hurry and outscore everyone. If Kershaw and Darvish give up the long ball, like they did earlier this postseason, the Dodgers could be in for a tough series.

The question now is, why does it feel right?

It feels right because the Astros rebuilt this thing from the ground up and took their time. They were gawd awful for years when they got rid of anything and everything that could play a lick of baseball. From 2011-2013, they had a combined 162 wins, which, by all standards, is putrid. Then slowly but surely, they climbed up the ladder, trusting their moves and prospects, and seeing them develop. It was great, actually. When they jumped to the American League, I became a fan, because I like the underdog and I liked what the future was holding for them. As opposed to the Yankees, who traded their veterans last season for prospects, and one year later were studs, this felt right in the sense that if you take your time, if you groom your players and trust everyone involved, good things can happen.

That being said, my prediction for this has to still be the Dodgers. I’ve thought they were the best team for quite some time, and, as I learned more and more about their farm system, I became more and more impressed with how they did what they did. Either way, it’ll be a glorious series, with the Dodgers winning in 6.

And there you have it.