The Sportz Nutt Gives You Your First Taste Of A Fantasy Football Mock Draft!

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It’s July 4, 2014…..Independence Day for all of you down south, so I’m sure you’re all busy eating hot dogs, drinking beer and enjoying fireworks….or any other activity that doesn’t stereotype Americans like thatJ Up here, mind you, it’s just another Friday, which means I’ve got some time on my hands before I head out for dinner to celebrate some birthdays. What should I do with my spare time? Read a book? Haha, I hate reading. Go for a run? I already went for a 13 mile ride (see what I did for you?) Play with my boys? They’re either sleeping or colouring…….sooooo, why not sit down, relax and do my first live mock draft for Fantasy Football!

I’m going in with NOTHING. I haven’t done any research, any scouting or any research of the rankings. In fact, that kind of scares me, but with how my life has been the past 3 months, it’s understandable. Buuuuut, let’s put that aside and get right to it. I’m going to join a 10 team mock first…….went to a number generator site and it came up as “4”……so, time to join a league and see what happens.

And here we go…..I’m kind of excited. I plan on going RB first pick, but we’ll see what the rankings look like. And if all goes to plan, I have Eddie Lacy penciled in at number 4…..hmmm, a 2nd year player at number 4? I don’t know about that. However, I guess I could do worse…..I like Forte at number 6 too. 30 seconds to go and I’m excited. Hey, why do people join a mock draft and then have it go on auto-pick? Douchey for sure….anyways, here goes:

First Round: Charles, McCoy 2, AP 3, which means I’m up……I went with Forte next, and I already regret it, but who the hell cares. Actually, I feel a bit better because the next TWO teams, NOT on auto pick, did NOT select Lacy, so I might have been onto something…..but it’s early. Wow, Montee Ball ranked 9th by Yahoo…..not liking that.

Second Round: Gronk taken right away…’s hoping I get Doug Martin….we’ll see. Time to be a hypocrite and take a 2nd year player……Le’Veon Bell…..he’s a stud in a weak division (although the defense in that division is tough)….I’ll justify it as stating it was a 2nd round pick, not 1st, so taking a 2nd year player is okayJ……I do like him more than Martin though. Somehow Arian Foster and Andre Ellington went before me.

Third Round: WR time, as Jones and Alshon are gone….and somehow there are a ton of RB available…..I took Jordy as my WR1, which is decent enough. Good thing I didn’t take Lacy as I would have a lot of Packers. Something to note…..RB is DEEP this season, I mean REALLY deep. I could get Spiller or Bush next round and I won’t…..

Fourth Round: Just missed out on Fitzgerald, but settled on Garcon…..WR isn’t as deep as in previous years folks….I saw Allen, Cobb, Johnson, Jackson and Fitz go right before me in a run. Could have gone Julius Thomas but didn’t want a TE just yet.

Fifth Round: No brainer as I went with Crabtree, giving me Jordy, Garcon and Crabtree as my 3 WR…..I’m happy with that. Something of note, Spiller went right before me…..not sure why so late. I think I’ll go QB next round. Toby Gerhart was just drafted btw, in the fifth.

Sixth Round: Looks like I’ll get Cam or Ryan as my QB this round, but I’m not sure who…..they both have a Week 9 bye……damn Cam was just drafted so……..damn, Ryan too. I’ll wait then, as there are some good RB available…….I would have gone Sankey, but his bye is week 9, so I took on Vereen, week 10. Best QB left: lots!

Seventh Round: I’m going to go TE this round….could take Cameron, but I don’t know how he’ll respond to a new QB again, so here’s mine: Witten….he keeps doing what he does and does it well……Cameron taken right after me.

Eighth Round: Time for mediocrity, as a D/ST is taken. Remember, you don’t need to take one until your final pick(s) as with a kicker. This makes the next 2 rounds easy for those losers who autopick at a mock draft. I’ll be taking Romo with my next pick at QB. Never mind…..Sankey still there……too good to pass up and he’ll be for depth if anything. Remember, you can never have too many RB…..speaking of depth, I’ll need some WR too.

Ninth Round: Time for these auto picks to take their kickers. Hahaha. I’m up next, and there is still some incredible RB depth, like Joique Bell, Tate and Ridley, but I caved and took Nick Foles…..didn’t think he’d still be there. I’ll roll the dice on him to repeat (somewhat). Time to take a breakout WR with my next pick……..

Tenth Round: Haha, all of those incredible depth RB are taken immediately, as is Romo….no worries, I take my guy: Cecil Shorts III… for him. Plus, his bye week is different from the rest of my WR, so, barring injury, I’m set. Now, I need QB and TE backups and then BPA for either WR or RB and I’m done!

Eleventh Round: Emmanuel Sanders from Denver, that works for me! He should do well, no? I think I know who I’ll take with my next pick….one of my favorite players actually, but we’ll see. RB3 and WR3-4 caliber players are going off the board now, such as Cooper and Thomas (NO), as did my guy, so I have to regroup. That’s okay, in 10 team leagues there’s always depth.

Twelfth Round: How the mighty have fallen….Dwayne Bowe taken in the 12th! I’m up in 2 picks, soooo I took a shot on Ladarius Green. He’s a better dynasty pick than this year, but who knows…..he’s my backup TE, so I’m not losing much. Not many good QB left, but I’ll see what I can do. Holy crap, Trent Richardson just got drafted…..DAMN!

Thirteenth Round: Ugh, Andy Dalton is my backup….the luckiest man in the world. Ah well, it was a close call with him and Tannehill (who I love btw). Time for a kicker and D/ST, so I’ll leave you here.

My team:

QB: Foles, Dalton

RB: Forte, Bell, Vereen, Sankey

WR: Nelson, Garcon, Crabtree, Shorts II, Sanders

TE: Witten, Green

K: Crosby

D/ST: Buffalo


And there you have it.