The Sportz Nutt Goes All In On WWE Summerslam

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SummerSlam, the (2nd) biggest event of the year. History has been made countless times, whether it’s with the MegaPowers or the beginning of the Yes Movement. Either way, SummerSlam is a significant piece of WWE history year in and year out. This year’s event was supposed to be a good one, with title matches, fresh beginnings and six hours of programming (if you include the preshow). Instead, what we got, was a clusterf…..well, I won’t say, but rather, I’ll explain.

First and formeost, the preshow was loaded with talent. Sami Zayn, Neville, American Alpha, The Usos, Cesaro, Sheamus were all on the card. Typically, that would be a fantastic PPV event, but the problem here was that these competitors were not on the actual SummerSlam event. The reason for this was because the writers had nothing for them. I can somewhat understand American Alpha and The Usos not having some form of feud (yet) because AA just debuted, but here’s the embarrassing part: Zayn just beat his lifelong nemesis in Owens and was left with NOTHING. Neville returned and joined RAW and has since done NOTHING. Sheamus and Cesaro are stuck on RAW, not main event worthy (despite what the fans in the Cesaro Section may think) and are competing in a best of seven for NOTHING (though it will probably be revealed otherwise). Embarrassing.

To the main card itself. The opener was solid. The Women’s Championship match, though awesome to watch, had a sad ending to it because, the newly crowned champion Sasha Banks, had to lose to tend to a bad back. That’s two injuries she has sustained in WWE, one of which was fluky, but could derail any future push she would have received because she could be seen as untrustworthy.  Very sad to hear because she had a TON of momentum and hasn’t even yet hit her stride (wait until she turns heel).

The Miz beat (yawn) Appollo Crews in a straight forward match. The Miz redeemed himself on Talking Smack a few days later:

AJ Styles vs John Cena – a classic. Nothing negative to say.

Jon Stewart interfered in the tag team title match, which…..wasn’t funny or necessary. Big E’s return was great, but overall, it made Anderson and Gallows look like weird perverted old men, when they should be ass kickers. Plus, they feud with a team that has more members than them, making them look not so intelligent.

Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler in an uninspiring performance, mostly because of the looks on his face where it seemed that he didn’t even take Ziggler seriously….and beat him clean. Awesome, no? Bury someone on the (2nd) grandest stage of them all?

The Women’s tag match was gawdawful, in that first they tried to hide Eva Marie’s suspension, and then had a returning Nikki Bella to fight against girls she probably doesn’t even know. That division is a mess.

The Universal Championship match was amazing and incredible and everything it should be, as we had a smaller, younger underdog come from nowhere to win the title…….and then lose it because he suffered an injury. He will be out for 6 months rehabbing and the writers are forced to scramble and find a new champion. Disaster.

Rusev vs Reigns didn’t even happen because they both attacked each other beforehand and the bell didn’t ring. Reigns is looking like a real prick here, interrupting their celebration, teasing the groom, ruining their cake, drinking their champagne and then beating up Rusev the next week. Way to rebuild that character.

The main event, though awesome in its own right, was a mess of an ending. To have one man beat someone senseless and then have confusion set in was a huge mistake. Orton bled too much; Jericho got into an altercation with Lesnar backstage because of the way things happened; Lesnar is taking months off from work and Orton is coming back to start a new feud, so why is he buried and demolished?

Overall, this PPV was a train wreck. I don’t know if the writers are overwhelmed (three hours of RAW is A LOT), but this PPV, although the potential start of something new, could have been so much better.