The Sportz Nutt Has A Bone To Pick With His New NFL Provider

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I’ll be upfront and honest……the following article will feature me saying not so nice things about a not so nice company. Reader Discretion Advised.

So earlier this year, the TV rights for the NFL were up for sale in Canada, and were subsequently purchased by DAZN, a streaming company based out of London, England. This purchase, essentially, eliminated cable and satellite providers airing NFL games (minus TSN and CTV, stations here in Canada). To think of it in terms of Netflix for sports, you log onto a streaming channel, and it streams the game to you. Fair enough, I guess, but it also eliminated any hope that I had to watch as many games as I wanted.

So now have to subscribe to another stupid company in order to watch football? First of all, this asinine premise is beyond ridiculous, as now I need my internet connection to be up to par, in the hopes of eliminating the annoying buffering symbol….imagine, your team is driving with seconds left, the pass goes into the end-zone, and all you see is: Buffering……it could happen. So I’ll need to fork over more money per month to see it. That’s not all….if I want to go from game to game, I have to click back on the game I’m watching, find a game and wait for it to load. No longer can I just change the channel and instantly see the next game during commercials. Furthermore, if I’m out on a Sunday, can I tape my Cardinals game? Not when I’m streaming something. Sure they have a playback feature, but by the time it’s up and ready, I bet I’ll know the score by then.

Essentially I’m left with “marquis” matchups and games that are carried in other outlets in Canada, you know, the teams that have popular players on competing teams. Great, I get Patroits games, Packers games and Steelers games. The major outlets in Canada live close to these American cities: Minnesota, Detroit and Seattle. Lucky me, I get all of their road games and some homes games. And as for my Cardinals or my dad’s Browns? Well, us teams with losing records can be seen the following day with scoring updates.

How has the service been? I’ve been on their twitter feed and seen choppy reception, unhappy customers and broken down technology. Go look for yourself. There are constant replies by their Twitter rep offering them to contact support.

The worst part out of all of this? We, among others, were customers willing to pay money for this. No android box, no illegal streaming, just hard earned cash to watch a sport we love. My family would gather on Sundays, eat, and watch football together. We’d laugh at each other’s teams, we would celebrate and grow together, we would teach the young kids about the game and players (my boys love Larry Fitzgerald)….now, we’re stuck with this monopolized bull$h!t that won’t allow me to watch the game that I want without forking out a ton of cash to make it happen. It’s all a money making scheme with no love for the sport. They came out of nowhere to take over the nation’s football watching and there’s nothing we can do. I’m so fed up with this, I have watched about a total of 15 minutes of football this season in 3 weeks.

Congratulations DAZN, you’ve killed the football fan in this guy.