The Sportz Nutt Has a #Hashtag For Every NFL Team

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We are well into the NFL season, and entering week 5, we have some surprises, both good and bad. It’s been a painful season for me, but probably a season of glee for others. Here’s a hashtag for every team thus far:


New England (3-1): They shut out a Super Bowl worthy team with a third string QB. #BellichickGOAT

Buffalo (2-2): Looked ridiculously bad to start the year, then like Super Bowl contenders to finish. #Jekyll&Hyde

New York Jets (1-3): Injuries and age maybe catching up to the Jets. #RevisIslandClosed

Miami (1-3): Tannehill might be the problem, not the coordinators. #CantheTann


Pittsburgh (3-1): Lights out offense and subpar defense. #ClothCurtainD

Baltimore (3-1): Looks can be deceiving. #Lookpastrecords

Cincinnati (2-2): Look good now, but will they choke? #BungledAgain

Cleveland (0-4): Competitive in some, but merely a band-aid to the overall problems. #WOAT


Houston (3-1): Super Bowl aspirations took a serious hit when Watt went down. #Alwaysnextyear

Jacksnoville (1-3): Underachievers get first win…..of many? #JackedaboutJags

Tennessee (1-3):  Might start a winning tradition as pieces are in place. #Mariota

Indianapolis (1-3): Could be Pagano’s last season. #UNLuckY


Denver (4-0): Further proof of how bad Peyton was last year. #RookiesCANwin

Oakland (3-1): If they can secure the RB position, they could be deadly. #Car-tastic

Kansas City (2-2): The offense is too anemic to handle the holes on defense. #Andynotsodandy

San Diego (1-3): Competitive despite their porous defense and unproven offense. #Melvinthegreat


Philadelphia (3-0): Enjoy it now before Wentz comes crashing down. #Phillyfail

Dallas (3-1): Better than I thought, but they could be a “season within a season candidate”. #DoomedwithDak

Washington (2-2): Redskins look like geniuses for not having given Cousins all that money. #Redskinsrebuild

New York Giants (2-2): I can think of teams with worse records that are significantly better than the Giants. #ODBheadache


Minnesota (4-0): Injuries to starting QB and HOF RB mean nothing to Zimmer. #eliteD

Green Bay (2-1): Don’t let the name fool you, Rodgers has not been the same for over a year. #shouldbebetter

Chicago (1-3): How is Cutler still employed? #UNBearable

Detroit (1-3): Rebuilding since 1958. #Injuriesgalore


Atlanta (3-1): Didn’t they do something like this last year? #Foolmetwice?

Tampa Bay (1-3): Hard to believe that this is the second best team in that division. #SuckySecondary

Carolina Panthers (1-3): How the mighty have fallen. #SuperBowlHangover

New Orleans (1-3): Hard to believe their defense got worse WITHOUT Rob Ryan. #CondemnedD


Seattle (3-1): Deserve to be 2-2, but I’m a biased hater; they still are elite in NFL. #[email protected]

LA Rams (3-1): Jeff Fisher is a horrible coach. #Somehowsecond

San Francisco (1-3): Deceptively good home team. #Stillbad

Arizona (1-3): Not a bigger disappointment in football. #IFeelSICK

And there you have it.