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The Sportz Nutt Has His WWE Battleground Predictions

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Battleground is this weekend, and, up until I read something of how one match could possibly quite end, I wasn’t excited. However, this rumor was huge…..I mean, beyond huge, this was mammoth. That being said, for my predictions of this card, I will ignore the rumor I read and go with my original predictions beforehand. I will not say for which match, or what the consequences will be for the event…..just know that it is going to happen, either Sunday or Monday, and you will be blown away!

King Barrett vs R-Truth

20150713_Battleground_LIGHT_Kickoff_HOMEPAGE 2

Once again, this will be a pre-show matchup, and once again, nobody cares. It’s unfortunate too, since watching Smackdown! this week showed everyone how great a talker Barrett really is. Let’s hope he moves on and maybe hires some royal jobbers to carry him to the ring. Barrett will beat R-Truth.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt


Odd feud here, not for the content, but for the people involved. Both competitors NEED wins to remain relevant and on the path to redemption. Wyatt is falling into mediocrity while Reigns is still recovering from his Rumble fallout. What I think will happen though is that Wyatt will win here in a sneaky way at Battleground, before the big chip Reigns gets revenge at their bigger PPV Summerslam.

Ryback has been injured with a staph infection, so one bold prediction is……..

Dean Ambrose vs The Big Show vs Cesaro vs Rusev vs The Miz vs Mark Henry – #1 Contender’s Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Two of these men were already on the card. Four of these men were off the card but probably worthy of a shot. Seeing as how Ryback should be back soon, I’ll say The Big Show wins this, if it even happens, as I think they were working towards a Big Show vs Ryback match at Summerslam.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton


Yawn. I’ll say Orton. Yawn.

New Day vs. Prime Time Players – Tag Team Championships Match


I love New Day, but it’s been too short of a reign for the PrimeTime Players. Titus O’Neil said it best on Smackdown! this week, when he mentioned how it’s taken five years to get to this point. Why blow it up after one month? It should be saved up for a meningful title drop down the line, maybe when the Usos are back and running again. So, for that, I say PrimeTime Players successfully defend.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens – United States Championship Match


There’s nowhere else for Cena to go from here, so, I’m thinking that the outcome of the match will be somewhat “tainted” in that there will be a countout or a DQ, and no successful title defense or win. This will set up the culmination of this amazing feud for Summerslam. With that said, Cena wins via DQ.

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar – WWE Heavyweight Championship Match


Seth Rollins should get his arse kicked, no? I mean, he’s lost almost everyone and everything. He doesn’t stand a chance, right? I think putting the title back on Lesnar is a mistake since he’s not there every week, BUT, it also opens up new feuds. However, would having about a month to force feed a feud be the best thing for one of the biggest upcoming shows of the year? My gut says Lesnar wins, but something tells me Seth Rollins is going to shock the world with something and somehow retain.

And there you have it.

PS………..Enjoy the rumor 🙂