The Sportz Nutt Has Some Words For Magic CEO, Alex Martins

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Recently, Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins made the following statement:

“I certainly believe by 2030 we will have won at least one championship,” Martins said. “And I say ‘at least.’ I firmly believe we’re going to get there and once you get there, you got the kind of team that hopefully can come back. I believe we will have won a championship.”

Around the media, he has taken a lot of criticism, because, after all, how can you sell your team to the present day fans when you’re promoting a win 14 years from now? Furthermore, people have said that Martins is showing no confidence whatsoever for the current crop of players because none of them will probably be on the Magic nor maybe in the NBA!

That said, I don’t disagree with what he said. I mean, every superstar that is in the league will probably be retired or over the hill at that point, meaning, he should be able to rebuild. He’s been able to scout the world for players, and, luckily for you readers, has been able to have exclusive access to their scouting report. Don’t believe me?

Check out the hands on this kid. In grade 10 now, he should be in his prime come 2027, which is right on track for him to step up and really help any youngsters.

Next Video

I realize it’s just a workout video, but the guy in blue at the beginning is the friend of a guy whose cousin went to see Patrick Ewing’s nephew’s son play a game in college, and if he can blow by him, imagine what he can do in the NBA?!

Video #3

Not just staying in North America, the Magic have scoured the world to find the best players, and, wow, do they have a gem. This guy can do it all, and future NBA guards beware. The Miami Heat are not going to enjoy these back to back games.

Video numbero 4

The description of the video says it all. he should play in the NBA….and he will!

And finally…

We almost broke the barrier of having a female president, so why not some female players? Emily Yeung looks amazing against Chris Bosh, and I’m sure she will dominate everyone else.

As you can see, the future is bright, the Magic are right, and they should put their eggs in this 14 year basket. Don’t try and get fans now, get the fans’ kids and build from there.

And there you have it. <—- (The most sincere part of this entire article).