The Sportz Nutt Is Back And Talking WWE

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, gather ’round and let me tell you a story, as the Sportznutt is BACK BABY!

Yes, your least favorite sports reporter here has made his non-so triumphant return to with an apology. I’ve been gone for quite some time. Outside of writing, I am a school teacher and a father, and, well, over the past few months, those two jobs seemed to overtake me with challenges and obstacles I’ve never before faced. However, now it’s summer time, it’s my time, and IT’S time, to come back with a vengeance. I’ve got so much to say and hopefully, you’ll be along for the ride with me this summer. All you need to know right now is that, this summer is going to be a fun, informative and fun one.

I want to begin today by just briefly touching upon the week that was in the WWE, specifically for the ladies. They were heavily featured all week long on all three WWE programs with main event matches, and if you missed any of them, be sure to look online or even watch highlights because, man, were they amazing.

It started on RAW, where a gauntlet match was held in order to determine the #1 Contender for Alexa Bliss’ RAW Women’s Championship:

This was the Nia Jax Showcase here, as she ran through Bayley (sigh), Mickie James, Dana Brooke and Emma. You had to know going in that only one of those defeated women had any shot of winning, and Bayley was flattened. To me, as long as it leads to sometime significant, I’m okay with Bayley’s demotion. Then, we had Sasha Banks come out, and the two showed great chemistry together yet again. In the end, Sasha won and is your new #1 Contender. Love it.

On Smackdown!, we had a rematch of the Money in the Bank Match that was flubbered by James Ellsworth at the PPV, and this one led to an interesting finish:

Some interesting developments from this. One, it looks like we’ll get a brief Charlotte/Natalya feud, which could really be a nice one and two, Carmella as a heel, winning it on her own might lead to her elevating her game even more. She’s improved on the microphone and in the ring, if they could somehow pair her up with her real life boyfriend Big Cass, they could be the next power couple. A ripple effect could be Becky Lynch giving into her failures and turning heel. She expressed some frustration last week about how someone always sneaks away with the result, screwing her over….why not have Becky finally win in a one on one match vs Naomi, win the match, and then have Carmella cash it in?

Finally, in case you missed it, Asuka and Nikki Cross put on a clinic on NXT:

There are better highlights than this one, but this video shows the match in its entirety. Gotta love and resoect Asuka for her historic title reign, but I think Nikki Cross really stepped up and showed that she can handle big time matches/moments. I still think Ember Moon is the one to dethrone Asuka, but Cross can do wonders too.

So that was the week that was in WWE. The women held their own and showed that they can not only entertain, but also keep the WWE going. I for one am all about this women’s revolution. It’s about damn time women showed that they are not just good looking people who are viewed as sex objects, but also can use their bodies to tell a story and keep audiences entertained and engaged. They’re athletic, talented and are just plain awesome.

And there you have it.