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The Sportz Nutt Is Here To Talk About Week 4 In The NFL

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We are now through 3 weeks of the NFL season. Here’s what happened last week: The Browns have won a game, the Bills shocked the world, the Jaguars fell down to earth, the Rams look legit and Jimmy Handsome is an idiot. All that said, we must move onto Week 4, and the bye weeks have started. The Panthers and Redskins get a week to reload, but the rest of the NFL moves on. Here is the schedule:

Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Sep 27 8:20 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Los Angeles Rams
 Sun Sep 30 1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  Green Bay Packers
  1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Atlanta Falcons
  1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Dallas Cowboys
  1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Indianapolis Colts
  1:00 pm  Miami Dolphins  New England Patriots
  1:00 pm  New York Jets  Jacksonville Jaguars
  1:00 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Tennessee Titans
  1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Chicago Bears
  4:05 pm  Cleveland Browns  Oakland Raiders
  4:05 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Arizona Cardinals
  4:25 pm  New Orleans Saints  New York Giants
  4:25 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Los Angeles Chargers
  8:20 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Pittsburgh Steelers
 Mon Oct 1 8:15 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Denver Broncos

Top 3 Games of the Week:

3 – Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Rams

A week ago, this would have been an even better game, but apparently the Vikings had a bye week a bit prematurely. No matter, these two powerhouses will collide on Thursday night, and I hope fatigue on a short week doesn’t come into play here. The Rams are a phenomenal looking team on both sides of the ball, and have a legitimate shot of winning the Super Bowl. A team that stands in their way: the Minnesota Vikings. This will be a great game.

2 – Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

It sounds weird to say this, but this could be a shootout. Both defenses seem a bit lost on the field, and both offenses have been great. Look back at the last 8 or so games from the Ravens and you’ll see that they’ve consistently put up a lot of points per game. The Steelers look incredible on offense as well. This will be a blast.

3 – Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

The Chiefs’ offense is on video game mode, but the Broncos have the tools to keep up. Two experienced and explosive WR options against a defense that can’t stop anyone means we will see some offensive fireworks.

Game of the Weak:

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

These are just two bad teams. Seattle is not what they once were and the Cardinals are aiming for the #1 pick in the draft. This should be putrid.

Do or Die:

I know it’s the Patriots, but if they lose here, they will be 1-3 and facing an uphill battle against a 4-0 Dolphins team, all while having an aging QB and assets that are running dry. They need a win.

Upset of the Week:

I can see the Browns rallying behind the momentum of Baker Mayfield and beating the 3 point favored Raiders in Oakland. I guess it’s the hometown favorite as the reasoning behind them being favored, but the Raiders haven’t shown me much this season.

Lock of the Week:

No Jimmy G. No McKinnon. No chance. The Chargers demolish the 49ers.

And there you have it.