The Sportz Nutt Is Talking NBA Super Teams

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This NBA off-season has been great as many teams have been reloading and retooling to try and match up against the defending champion Golden State Warriors. Many teams have turned themselves into “Super Teams” in an attempt to beat the champion “Super Team” by The Bay. Let’s see how they match up:

Cleveland – LeBron James, Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas, Dwayne Wade

Still considered the best player in the world (by me anyways), Cleveland does have that going for them. No matter where he goes, his team is instantly better and playoff bound. His sidekicks are very good, but questions lie in health. I see Love having a bigger role this year, but how much impact will IT and DWade have? If done right, this could be a dangerous team come playoff time due to the eventual health and subsequent rest from the season. Don’t forget, the Cavs also have that #1 pick, which could lead to…….DeMarcus Cousins?

Boston – Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford

Those names lack the starpower, but there’s no doubting the Celtics are a complete team from top to bottom. Horford needs to pick it up this year, and Kyrie needs to prove he can win without Lebron. They will miss their depth as some key pieces from last year’s team are gone. They’ll probably have the best record in the East, but part of that will be due to IT’s health.

Houston – Chris Paul, James Harden

I’m going to go against the grain here and say this is not going to be a super team. The Rockets gave up A LOT in the Chris Paul deal, and their heart and hustle will be missed. If not for Blake Griffin’s health, I may even put the Clippers ahead of the Rockets. I don’t believe in Houston and I’m waiting to be proved wrong (which I very well could be, as many pundits disagree with me).

Oklahoma City – Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony

Now this is the most intriguing “Super Team” of the bunch. Without any stars last season, Russell Westbrook won the MVP and averaged a triple double, all while getting the Thunder to the playoffs. Sam Presti then traded some minor pieces for two of the best players in the league (clap clap clap). The question lies with how well they will play with each other. Carmel Anthony will now be third wheel, but he’s still a lethal scorer. He’s never been much of a rebounder or passer, but, for the latter, he’s never had much to pass to in the first place. He had decent Olympic numbers, which could be a good way of seeing how he plays with stars against good defenses. Same with Paul George. If both can work with Russell, this could get very interesting.

All that said……..

Nobody is beating Golden State this season. They have FOUR of the top 20 players in basketball, and when all four are playing, it’s nearly impossible to defend. Some are so good, that double teaming is the only way to stop them, which would then leave someone wide open. They can score, they can defend, and they can all play together, respecting their space and game. This is almost like The Walking Dead, as the Warriors are Negan, and everyone else is gathering together to try and take them down. Only, this time, The Warriors are probably going to win…, change that, they are. The Warriors are winning the title this year. End of story.

It’ll still be a fun season to watch:)