The Sportz Nutt Is Tired Of NBA Greats Trashing Todays NBA

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I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about former NBA players trash talking the current NBA product. From Charles Barkley, to Oscar Robertson, to Kareem Abdul Jabar, to Michael Jordan, these comments need to stop. What am I talking about?

Michael Jordan:

For years, he has been critical of everything and everyone that he has never played against. He’s stated many times that LeBron would not be successful during “his” era. He was also critical about how nobody today is tough enough to hang with him and the players he played against.

Kareem Abdul Jabar:

Jabar called Dirk Nowitzki a one trick pony, with respect to the fact that his only special talent was his ability to hit an outside shot. He stated that in his era, he would have been destroyed and not as successful.

Oscar Robertson:

He used Stephen Curry as an example of how bad coaches are these days at defending and plotting to stop someone’s strengths. He cited how that if he saw Curry putting up 3’s as he did, coaches should challenge his shot. Since they aren’t, Curry’s numbers could be viewed as inflated.

Charles Barkley:

One of his most recent rants went on about how he won’t watch an NBA game unless there is a top 4 or 5 team involved, because the state of the game is awful.

Does anyone other than me find the preceding statements ridiculous and unwarranted? Imagine for a moment, that you are at your job, and former employees came in and began ripping apart your performance. You couldn’t check out groceries like he did; your buildings aren’t up to par with how those of the past are built; the quality of this chicken cordon bleu is disgusting because of the way you chose to spice the food; etc. These former NBA players, regardless of how great they are, need to do a better job of promoting the NBA and boosting the morale of its players. In failing to do so, they come across as angry, aging and bitter, none of which are attractive qualities. Do you ever read about these tirades in other sports? Is Joe Montana openly criticizing Aaron Rodgers? Does Wayne Gretzky believe that Sidney Crosby needs to focus more on his game? Does Ken Griffey Jr. think that today’s hitters are soft because 40HR could win you a HR race? None of the above, because these all-time greats embrace the changes in the game, see the differences in their eras, and respect the current state of the game. Why these NBA legends view the current product of the NBA as a threat to their own personal legacy, I’ll never know, but the statements they made are ridiculous. I won’t get into why specifically, but just know that LeBron would dominate, Dirk is a revolutionary player, Curry is out of this world, and the NBA is just as good now as ever (it’s hard to imagine that we’ve evolved so much as a human species, yet regressed ONLY in the area of basketball). As for NBA players, they can continue what they’re doing. They can keep honoring the past by performing their dunks in contests, clapping respectfully during pregame ceremonies honoring the past, wearing the gear of the legends, and by making their own mark.