The Sportz Nutt Is Torn Over His Clippers Drama

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I’m torn. I feel like Natalie Imbruglia here, because I don’t know which way I should lean on this fence. I’ll come right out and say this right off the bat: I am a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. I have been for years, and I will always be one, so this may come off as biased. however, whenever it comes to sports, and my articles, I do try my best to be as objective as possible. I hate subjectivity, because, sometimes it leads to one-sided opinions and closed mindedness. As I sit here at my computer at 10:30AM on a Thursday morning (I’m a teacher, summers are great!), I am about to offer my opinions on this whole DeAndre Jordan saga. 18 hours ago, I had a completely different outlook as to what I’m about to say. 18 hours ago, I was going to write my column, and state how embarrassed I was to be a Clippers fan. I was going to say how much I loathed the actions of Doc Rivers and company, for trying to break the verbal agreement Jordan and the Mavs had. That was a hideous thing to do. After all, a man’s word is his bond, and if you can’t stick to that, then what good is anything else of his. I was about to chastize Doc Rivers for his handling of his player personnel, for his management of the team and for his meetings with players.

So, a few days ago, DeAndre Jordan verbally agreed to join the Dallas Mavericks for a 4 year deal once contracts could be signed on July 9. His agent, Dan Fegan, took him to various teams, but the most time, care and pizzazz were from the Mavericks, which seemed odd because it’s well known that Doc Rivers loves Jordan. However, a lot was made of the relationship between teammate Chris Paul and Jordan, so perhaps, we all thought, that’s why the meeting wasn’t as rich. He was very impressed with the Mavericks’ presentation, while the others lacked, including the Clippers’, who went last and on the same day as the Knicks. When push came to shove, he ultimately took less money and went to the Mavericks.

Just one day before the contract, it was rumored that the Clippers were trying to persuade him to opt out and rejoin his old team. And I was fuming. I was embarrassed. I was so ashamed they were doing this underhanded action. After all, if he left Dallas, then there are so many dominoes that would fall: Dallas cleared cap space for Jordan by getting rid of Chandler; Dirk Nowitzki, making a paltry $7.7 million next year, took less money in order to build a winner; JJ Barea went with a minor contract in order to stay and play with Jordan; Wesley Matthews wanted a chance to contribute and possibly win. Now what?

And then, some of the details came out. Specifically, this article:

Now, before you jump all over me, saying “oh look at the link, it’s a Clippers website, of course it’s going to say the other guys were wrong!”, realize that  a) clipsnation is part of the website sbnation, which deals with all teams, and b) facts are facts. Now, if the information presented in this article are false or exaggarated, then my opinion will change, however, I wanted to write this today and keep the public aware of what was really happening.

Here are some of the interesting details that are being looked at, but preliminarily speaking:

1) Jordan’s agent, Dan Fegan, and Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, are best friends.

Well, there’s a start….you scratch my back, I’l scratch yours. No wonder his meeting lasted 4.5 hours and was elaborate.

2) Fegan had promised Cuban that he would deliver DJ before the season even ended.

Sneaky and under-handed.

3) The Clippers were rumored to be trying to get the Mavericks on tampering charges, and it certainly seems more likely in the aftermath of today’s events.

Definitely worth looking into, and could possibly be so.

4) It was Jordan that reached out to the Clippers, not the other way around.

And what were the Clippers supposed to do, not respond in the way they did? If Jordan reached out, then they did nothing wrong.

5) Jordan’s family believed Fegan was pushing for Jordan to go to Dallas.

Really looking out for his client’s best interests, right?

6) Fegan also reps Dwight Howard, who Cuban expected to get last summer. Belief is that Fegan was trying to do a makeup for Mavs with DJ.

Again, very sneaky and under-handed.

7) Source also tells me that Fegan made an ultimatum to Doc prior to agreement w/ Mavs that LAC would have to trade CP3 to keep DJ.

Making ultimatums doesn’t seem like a way to conduct wholesome business, especially when the other team in question could offer him much less at their maximum, meaning, it had little to do with money and more to do with environment.

Wow! What an ordeal. Like the article states, Cuban could get a massive fine for tampering here. Lots of backdoor shenanigans that happened before they could and should have, and others that happened that shouldn’t have. Furthermore, what other players would want to work with Fegan anymore? He comes across as slimy, manipulative and selfish, only looking out for his own agendas and not of his clients. I mean, would you want to pay your work’s union if all they did was lead you in ways that helped their individual needs? Absolutely not. The Clippers could come out of this looking a bit shady, because they did recover a player who verbally committed to another team, but in this era, they had their backs to the wall and fought to survive.

And there you have it.