The Sportz Nutt Lets Us Know Where QBs Are Headed

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If there was ever a year to purchase a new Madden game for your gaming console, next years’ might be the year to do it. With so many free agents and a deep draft class in the QB position, there will be much turnover from last year to this year, the rosters will look very different. There are so many ways that each team in need of a QB could go that it’s hard to predict what the heck is going to happen. Most of the teams that NEED a QB will have a chance to draft one….however free agency begins before the draft, and those spots could be filled before the draft and they could go in another direction. Peter King recently wrote an article where he predicted where each QB will go from the draft and free agency. You can locate it here.

I will use that as a reference and try to make my own predictions here. That said, I am not the greatest at predicting draft spots for teams based off needs and player strengths. I am by no means a scout:

Cleveland: AJ McCarron, Sam Darnold

It’s the Hue Jackson connection, and the fact that the Browns almost traded away multiple high picks for him. McCarron wants to play, and what better place than for the head coach who knows him, believes in him and knows his strengths. The Browns need to draft a QBOTF as well in case McCarron doesn’t pan out. Darnold was amazing this year and showed flashes of brilliance. That said, he did more good at home than on the road.

Minnesota: Kirk Cousins

Cousins said that winning is just as important as the money, and the best team in need of a QB here is Minnesota. I believe that by acquiring Cousins, this makes the Vikings an instant Super Bowl contender. They have the weapons on offense (though a new coordinator could make it tough at first), and they definitely have it on defense. If Cousins wants to win, and the money is in the ballpark of other teams, then he needs to go to Minnesota.

New York Giants: Case Keenum

The key here is Pat Shurmur going to the Giants, as he’s the man who is partly responsible for Keenum’s resurgence in Minnesota. Much like McCarron in Cleveland, keeping the QB and coach together is a fine fit and gives Shurmur a sense of comfort as he begins his tenure. The Giants also have Eli, and it’s hard to tell where they’re going there, but I’ll make the bold call that Keenum follows his old coordinator and is their QBOTF.

Denver: Josh Rosen

Touted by many as the most talented QB of the bunch, Denver gets a gift here at #5, since the Giants either don’t take a QB or trade down. He’s probably already better than any QB the Broncos had last season and would even start for them opening day.

Arizona: Tyrod Taylor, Lamar Jackson

The Cardinals will be aggressive this offseason, and picking Jackson in the 2nd will be just that as he falls to them. He’s not ready just yet, so the Cardinals need a QB to start now, and they will go after the efficiency of Tyrod Taylor…..and under-the-radar QB who does almost everything right, but hasn’t put it together to win. That said, his weapons in Arizona will be better than in Buffalo and it’ll be a nice transition from Taylor to Jackson in 2019-2020.

New York Jets: Josh McCown, Baker Mayfield

Ill go with King on this one and add that McCown did everything right last year. He made the Jets into contenders, and, with a bit more luck, they would have been playoff bound. The franchise will make the right decision here to keep him for one more season will Mayfield learns the ropes and prepares for 2019.

Buffalo: Sam Bradford, Josh Allen

Bradford deserves another chance to play, and, since Buffalo hasn’t fully endorsed Taylor as their QB (that benching @ the Chargers was ridiculous), they will let go of Taylor and bring in someone new. He’s not the long term solution, so, while Allen gets himself ready, the Bills will roll with a veteran QB until the time to pass the torch arrives.

I hope (at least) some of this made a lick of sense. As a Cardinals fan, I’d be happy with this arrangement…..which means it won’t happen:)

And there you have it.