The Sportz Nutt looks at some of the worst chokes in sports history

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The other night, my Clippers were behind for most of their game against the Spurs. They clawed, fought and scratched their way back until they were ahead, and had the ball with under 20 seconds to go. Then this happened:

All he had to do was stand there and shoot with one second left. Even if he misses, the rebound would be collected with about 3 seconds to go, resulting in a set inbounds play. And then, who knows! Instead, he inexplicably attempts a dribble through the legs, causing him to lose control. Choke!

Damn that hurt. As a Clippers fan, I was crushed, because this is the one team in the NBA we can never ever beat. In fact, we’re 35-121 against them in the regular season. It’s disgusting, it’s deplorable, it’s….expected. That being said, here are some other crushing and inexplicable mistakes made at the worst opportune time.

Unfortunately this is one that will define his career, and it’s a bone headed blunder. You need to know how many timeouts you have. However, as a kid, it’s easy to see one falter under pressure.

Up here in Canada, this is replayed over and over, and justifiably so. Poor Stefan, as nobody really knows why the puck bounced like it did.

The guy was never the same again. His life was ruined forever. What Red Sox fans fail to realize is that they still could have won Game 7. Maybe they ALL choked?

This one from an umpire, Jim Joyce, taking away a perfect game on a blown call. He since admitted he was wrong.

This has haunted, not only the player, but the franchise for years and years afterwards.

Found this by accident, but remember this: He’s still better than most of us!

And there you have it.

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