The Sportz Nutt Looks At The Future Of The WWE

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For years, the WWE employed and pushed hard the big men of the sport. If you were 300 plus pounds, looked intimidating and could scream, you were halfway there….at least. And while it worked for awhile, fans got sick of the same old crap. They wanted intriguing storylines mixed in with guys who could move. They wanted the total package….no not Lex Luger.

Enter the new era we are approaching. Once NXT started a few years ago, it was the new training grounds for superstars to learn their craft. It was a platform for them to understand the physical aspects of a WWE ring, the busy schedule of a WWE style life, the social aspects of fine tuning a character, and a way to get over with the fans. There have been numerous “graduations” to the main roster, with more to come. In one sentence, here is what we, as fans, have to look forward to in the future of the WWE.

AJ Styles: from TNA, to Japan, to here, he truly is phenomenal in the ring and a treat to watch.
Alberto Del Rio: under-utilized since his return, with a bit of character development freedom should be able to thrive.
Big E: the best big man in WWE right now.
Bo Dallas: probably in the minority, but one of my current favorites.
Bray Wyatt: the most unique character in years, he has the ability to speak and wrestle his mind to get a point across like no other.
Brock Lesnar: when he’s on TV, I watch.
Cesaro: seemingly a cult favorite and one of the best wrestlers they have, he needs some polish on the mic.
Charlotte: wooooo.
Dean Ambrose: Macho-Man-like potential.
Dolph Ziggler: from jobber to star to jobber, he could be this generations’ Shawn Michaels.
Fandango: crippled with an awful gimmick, but a tremendous wrestler.
Jimmy/Jey Uso: a fun tag team.
Kalisto: what an amazing athlete.
Kevin Owens: plays the heel so well and does not perform the way a man with his body should.
Kofi Kingston: has developed into an all around superstar thanks to New Day.
Luke Harper: the potential is there for a singles run.
Natalya: just give her a title run.
Neville: connects with kids as a remarkable athlete.
Paige: started the Divas Revolution, and can be at the top any day.
Paul Heyman: best manager and best promos ever.
Roman Reigns: I don’t care what the others say, he is the top dog.
Rusev: see Del Rio.
Sami Zayn: had an unforgettable run in NXT, and post graduation looks promising.
Sasha Banks: the most potential of any woman on the roster.
Seth Rollins: was the man before he got injured, and should be near the top when he returns.
Sin Cara: see kalisto
StarDust: as Cody Rhodes, he has the potential to be a money maker.
Titus O’Neil: another cult favorite, the fans love him.
Tyler Breeze: see Fandango
Tyson Kidd: here’s hoping he can wrestle again.
Xavier Woods: the mouthpiece of New Day, he has elevated his game, big time.

As for the current and recently graduated stars of NXT, I can’t say for sure what we have with them, because I don’t regularly watch NXT, despite its rave reviews. All that said, we now have The VaudeVillains who have a unique look, Enzo and Big Cass who have tons of fan support, Apollo Crews who is tremendous for his size, Samoa Joe who killed it in TNA, Anderson and Gallows who could be setting up for something huge and Finn Balor, who is destined for greatness.

The future is bright!

And there you have it.