The Sportz Nutt Looks Into His Baseball Crystal Ball

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Just wanted to offer some random ramblings here about the upcoming MLB Season:

Bryce Harper will sign with the Phillies. He’s (obviously) a massive upgrade in the OF (Nick Williams) and they can definitely afford him. Though he would most likely mash with the Yankees, staying in the NL East will provide some intriguing story-lines.

Manny Machado will sign with the Yankees. He’s another massive upgrade, and the Yankees could then trade away Andjuar for pitching.

Dallas Keuchel will sign with the Phillies. They’re one pitcher away from being a legitimate World Series contender, especially after trading for Segura.

The White Sox will remain empty. Which is too bad considering they have so much young talent and could afford to take on a huge contract while their prospects (cheaply) develop. However, with Reinsdorf, there won’t be a 10 year deal, which is what the big names are looking for.

The Cardinals are back. Acquiring Paul Goldschmidt is a HUGE deal, and you can bet that in his contract year, he will want to impress and play for the money. This allows the Cardinals the freedom to trade away Jose Martinez to an AL team, so he won’t have to play defense…..Tampa? Though they could perhaps get more back if they sold high on Matt Carpenter

JT Realmuto will remain a Marlin. The asking price for one of the best catchers in the game is astronomically high, since they got fleeced in their Yelich deal with Milwaukee. And it’s because of their reluctance to have that happen again, Miami will probably hold onto him until the trade deadline

Don’t forget about the Dodgers. They’ll lose Machado, but their farm system is so deep. A healthier Seager will give a big boost, and they’ve been linked to multiple free agents and trades, which includes Kluber. Adding him would be huge.

The Padres and Blue Jays are coming too. Don’t sleep on these two teams as their farm systems are incredible. The Jays could use a bit more pitching but both teams have a legit shot in 2021, with some key free agents player movement.

The time is now for Milwaukee, Oakland and the Angels. Milwaukee made great strides last year, and need to put themselves in a winning spot now before their young talent wants to get paid. Plus, the Cardinals and Cubs are on their way back up. Same for the A’s, who play money ball baseball all the time and will eventually need to pay their players. The Angels, meanwhile, could use some pitching to prove they’re legit. They have some decent farm pieces and will need to show Trout that they’re serious about winning. Why not go all out while the Rangers and M’s rebuild?

And there you have it.