The Sportz Nutt Plays Red Light Green Light With NBA Free Agency

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NBA Free Agency has come and (well not really) gone, and some teams have improved, while others have gotten worse. Here are some red lights (worse), yellow lights (not sure) and green lights (better) teams:

Golden State Warriors: green

This one was tougher for me than I thought, because they lost so many players in Bogut, Barnes, Ezeli, Speights and Barbosa. That’s a lot of depth that has since vanished, and been replaced by David West who looked old at times last year, Zaza Pachulia who was injured a lot last season, and (potentially) some players who are un-retiring to win a title. This could come back to haunt them. That said, getting a top 5 player in Durant makes them so much better, and thus, a green light.

San Antonio Spurs: yellow

This is a wait and see, because the Spurs, who looked like they lost a stpe or two last season, also lost the heart and soul of their team in Tim Duncan. Despite not being on the court as often, he was still a tremendous force behind the scenes and was someone who did all of the little things necessary to succeed. They did replace him with Pau Gasol, so it looks as if this yellow light is long enough for the passengers to pass through.

Chicago Bulls: yellow

The offseason started rough, as they traded Derrick Rose for three players, one of which has potential. There were also rumors of them trying to trade Jimmy Butler for scraps. They lost Pau Gasol. And then….Rondo signs. And then…..Wade signs. And then, all of a sudden, they have a pretty decent looking backcourt with the potential to play small. However, their offense will need to be re-designed and slowed down to play with the personnel they have right now. The biggest test will be if coach Hoiberg can adapt.

Atlanta Hawks: green

Howard is a better fit than Horford in that offense, because he is a better rebounder and defender…..when he has his head on straight. Perhaps the smaller market team down south will help keep his attention to his game? Either way, Schroder is a better PG than Teague and Prince was a solid draft pick. They’re better.

Brooklyn Nets: yellow

They were horrible before, and they now have a makeshift team consisting of Lin, Vasquez, Bennett, Scola, Booker and some returnees. Not great by any stretch, but certainly not as bad as before.

Los Angeles Clippers: green

Slightly on this side, because A) the Spurs are as good, at best, as before, and B) the band is back together. Ever since their meltdown two playoffs ago, the talk has been to see them all play together and go past the hump. However, injuries have plagued them and we haven’t seen it. It’s now or never since there are some big name free agents next summer.

New York Knicks: green

They had some overpriced contracts in Noah and Lee, but through all of their acquisitions, they did come out looking better than before. That being said, after going for a long run, you can either take a shower to rid yourself completely of the stench, or you can out on some deodorant and cologne and mask the disgust. The Knicks went with the Stetson cleansing sponsored by Mennen.

Miami Heat: red

No explanation needed: check out this roster!

Boston Celtics: green

They were a big man away from seriously contending. They went out and signed Al Horford. Winner in my books.

Detroit Pistons: green

Such a sneaky good offseason. They re-signed Drummond, they signed Ish Smith, they signed Jon Leurer and they signed Boban Marjanovic. They had a solid core to begin with and then added solid players to back them up. Well done.

Dallas Mavericks: yellow

They seemingly got better with their new players. Harrison Barnes is a wash with Parsons, I think; Bogut replaces Zaza quite well, and Seth Curry is a nice pickup….but they failed to land the big one…..again.

Orlando Magic: red

They went from a youth movement with promise, to a win now movement with little to gain. The Oladipo trade is mind boggling since Ibaka is a free agent next season and they gave up a draft pick too. They have an incredibly crowded front court and a depleted back court. They could challenge Philadelphia for the league’s worst team.

And there you have it.