The Sportz Nutt Presents the Winners and Losers of NBA Free Agency So Far…

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While some of you might watch baseball come July, and others are now watching soccer, I, your Sportz Nutt, choose something different. I watch the news sites to see where players go in free agency. And while the NHL has been okay this off-season, the NBA has blown hockey away as the best for activity. Let’s get right to it and see the winners and losers of this free agency period.


San Antonio

Their 30 year reign atop the NBA as one of the most dominant forces will now continue through LaMarcus Aldridge. From David Robinson, to Tim Duncan, and now LaMarcus Aldridge, the trend continues for them to succeed. They just know how to do it, how to impress, and how to make every player feel at home. It truly is frustratingly amazing. Now, apparently, they’re going after David West, allegedly for a reduced contract, but can you imagine him coming off the bench? Manu will proabably stay one more year to see if he can get another title, which, it looks like, will happen.


They quietly did their thing this offseason, getting a big name player in Greg Monroe. he now gives them a tough inside presence and is the next step forward for the young Bucks team. They made strides last year towards respectability and could find themselves out of the bottom of the playoff race and possibly even…..with a home court advantage come postseason? Well done Jason Kidd.


They stole DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers for less money than Los Angeles offered. He will be a dominant defensive force alongside Dirk, giving Nowitzki more free space to work with. If they can pull off the rumored Jeremy Lin trade, that will make things easier for Jordan, because as of right now, Lob City isn’t going to have as many open lanes as it used to.


Simply put, they re-signed Kevin Love, will probably re-sign Tristan Thompson and will subsequently keep LeBron James. Enough said.



It’s been an absolute treacherous two weeks for the Kings. First, there were multiple rumors regarding DeMarcus Cousins and whether or not he would be traded. Then, during free agency, they struck out on all of the big names, despite having lots of cap space. This was followed by cap clearing space of three decent players, for late round picks, which led to Wesley Matthews, Monta Ellis and Tobias Harris all taking less money to go elsewhere. Finally, now they’re forced to overpay for what’s left on the free agent market. They will challenge Philadelphia for the league’s worst record next season.

Los Angeles Clippers

They lost DeAndre Jordan for nothing, and now have zero presence up the middle. A saving grace will be next season when they have a ton of cap space to go out and replenish their losses.

Los Angeles Lakers

They spent so much time and glitz to get LaMarcus Aldridge, and apparently it was a ridiculous attempt, because, reportedly, there was not enough talk in that meeting about basketball itself. To me, that shows where their heads are, and how they still believe the allure of the Lakers name is enough to get players. Sure they have Kobe, but nobody wants to go to a team with one aged star who could get hurt and eliminate all shots of winning anything. Now they’re going after the bargain bin players, and trying to salvage a roster.

New York Knicks

Phil Jackson was brought in to get the players to play. All he has done is kept an overpaid ball hog on the wrong side of 30, who takes up way too much of their team salary. I do like the Robin Lopez signing, but there isn’t much to be happy about in New York.

And there you have it.