The Sportz Nutt Ranks the Top Fantasy Football Options at Each Position

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The 2015 NFL season is almost underway, and with that, come my rankings at each position for fantasy purposes. This year, there really was no consensus #1 pick as countless players have gone in many drafts. What I want to do is go through my top 5 rankings with a brief synopsis as to why they’re ranked there. Here goes:


1) Andrew Luck

In a league all of his own, there is no other QB that surpasses him. He had a teriffic year last year and hasn’t yet entered his prime. With new weapons at his disposal in Gore and Johnson, plus a better understanding of the game, there’s no reason to believe he won’t top 5000 yards and maybe even, dare I say, 50 TD this year?

2) Aaron Rodgers

Despite losing Jordy Nelson, the Packers will still be awesome offensively, and the main reason is the dependence and innate ability of Aaron Rodgers. Already compared to being as good if not better than Favre, Rodgers shows incredible poise and ability under pressure. Their WR depth is pretty deep too, so Nelson will be missed, but not as much as people think. On top of that, they have Eddie Lacy.

3) Russell Wilson

I HATE the Seahawks, but I love me some Wilson. He’s so steady as a fantasy player, as he’s able to run with the ball and accurately throw it. The only way he fails to rack up the points is when defenses take away his legs, but even then, he’s deceptively good at finding his receivers. He now has Jimmy Graham as his TE, so there could be more red zone TD passes.

4) Peyton Manning

Why the hate for Manning? Everyone says they’ll be running a lot and CJ Anderson is the man…..Manning will still throw for 30+ TD, be more accurate than ever with the ball (as he’s throwing less often) and will still be a top 5 QB. Plain and simple.

5) Ben Roethlisberger

If there was a team that could/should be stacked this season with multiple players, the Steelers make a case to be them. Big ben was awesome last year (albeit with some crowded numbers in a few games), but his offensive weapons are too good to ignore. Tempting to put Brees here, but I’ll go off the board and pick the face of the Steelers.

6) Drew Brees
7) Tony Romo
8) Matt Ryan
9) Ryan Tanehill
10) Tom Brady


1) LeVeon Bell

This all depends if you’re playing PPR, my preferred choice for fantasy football. Bell was a monster last season, and if you’re drafting a RB, go with him. Sure, he’s sitting to start the season, but if you draft well enough, you’ll be in the playoffs and that’s when Bell will come through for you. Don’t believe me, look at his numbers, qipe the drool off your face, and thank me.

2) Eddie Lacy

People will disagree with me here, but, with Nelson hurt, this may mean more opportunities for Lacy. They won’t be blowing out opponents as much, meaning he won’t get pulled as often. Plus, he has the ability to bust something open and make gold out of clay. Love me some Lacy.

3) Jamaal Charles

He’s TD dependent here, and, with added weapons in the offense, this may or may not hurt Charles’ productivity. I’m going to say he drops a bit, but that hardly means he’ll be awful.

4) Adrian Peterson

Some people have him at #1, but I’m always a guy that needs to see it to believe it. He’s been off for one year and he’s at the wrong side of 30. That said, his offense is much better than when he left, so he could see better opportunities.

5) Marshawn Lynch

Only throwing this in here for you non-PPR players. Lynch doesn’t catch the ball out of the backfield, but he scores a lot of TD on the ground. Don’t shy away from Lynch.

6) Matt Forte
7) CJ Anderson
8) Justin Forsett
9) Jeremy Hill
10) DeMarco Murray


1) Antonio Brown

The guy is targeted a ridiculous amount. He catches many of those targets. He also scores a ton and returns kicks. He’s a machine, a beast, an a bona fide first overall pick, should you choose to go WR.

2) Dez Bryant

I think Romo is going to have an amazing season this year, because there is less of a rushing game, thus more opportunities to throw. And who is his best/favorite WR? Dez Bryant, who will have a career season this year.

3) Julio Jones

Love his potential as he’s only getting better. For some reason, I’m a little hesitant to move him up based on his foot issues, so that’s why he’s #3.

4) Demariyus Thomas

Read what I wrote about Peyton Manning and Dez Bryant, put two and two together, and there you have my reasoning.

5) Calvin Johnson

Some say he’s the healthiest he’s been in years. He’s their #1 option in Detroit, and, outside of Golden Tate, he’s their only only real passing option. Opportunities will be aplenty here, and, barring an injury, I think he’s in for another super season.

6) Odell Beckham Jr.
7) AJ Green
8) Randall Cobb
9) Mike Evans
10) Brandin Cooks


1) Rob Gronkowski

If you don’t know why, welcome to fantasy football

2) Greg Olsen

There is nobody to pass to in Carolina, and Olsen is good enough to find a way to catch something. He will be quite the target for Cam Newton.

3) Jimmy Graham

He should be a great red zone target for Wilson, and give them an option unlike any they’ve ever had at the TE position.

4) Martellus Bennett

He caught 90 balls last season, and is currently the healthiest player on the offensive side of the ball in Chiago. I can see 100 catches this year.

5) Travis Kelce

It all depends on the injury and its severity.

6) Jason Witten
7) Eeny meeny miny mo
8) Catch a tiger by the toe
9) If he hollers let him go
10) Eeny meeny miny mo

And there you have it.

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