The Sportz Nutt reassesses the WWE roster

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So my hard drive broke on my computer meaning two things…one everything I ever wrote is gone…sucks…and two, I haven’t had a means to write for quite some time…sucks twice…that’s what she said…but, I have a phone, and from my phone, I can type, Soooooo, for you…this is for you all!

The WWE has always been entertaining. Even when they had the same people fighting in the same feuds, the stories they told combined with their acting and wrestling abilities made it (almost) must see tv. Their main event scene is great right now, with some rebuilding in progress. Guys like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns are taking the WWE hostage right now, in a good way, and reinventing what people think of when they say WWE. However, for every good thing they do, underneath are bad things. Here are still some stars that get lost without direction. They have mini feuds where they will fight one guy one week, and then seek revenge on Main Event weeks later. There’s little progression in their character as they flutter about aimlessly while others move forward. Perhaps the WWE writers have no clue what to do, but with 6.5 hours of original programming a week, one would imagine it shouldn’t be this difficult to fit someone in with a purpose. That’s why I’m here….I am going to offer a cure, but as we’re in the age of “immediacy”, we don’t want to read why and when….we want our answers now. So, I offer you a tweet-a-cure, where I will give you the answer in 140 characters or less. Here goes:

Bo Dallas – Have someone Bo-Lieve and form a tag team.

Jack Swagger – Bo-Lieve!

Cesaro – Seth Rollins’ new enforcer.

Bray Wyatt -WWE take over with many followers.

The Ascension – Follow the buzzards.

Fandango – Join the Lucia Dragons to form a new Dancing stable.

Jimmy Uso – Heel turn and be with his wife, setting up for return by Key and either a heel team or a one on one feud.

Randy Orton – Help a new NXT star rise to the top, only to turn on him.

NXT Women – come to main roster and dominate.

Christian – Assistant to Director of Operations, and in charge of Main Event.

If you have ideas for the people above, or this not mentioned….let me know!

And there you have it.