The Sportz Nutt Relives Some Past Royal Rumble Suprises

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Next week is the Royal Rumble, and with it, the beginning of Wrestlemania season. During this PPV, the seeds for the Wrestlemania card begin to get planted so that they can be in full bloom come April. It’s science! Anyways, the Royal Rumble match is my favorite match of the year, not just because it helps determine the main event of Wrestlemania, but also because of the surprises that await for who will enter the match and when. Here are some of my favorites over the years, in this edition of the Sportznutt Six:

Mr. Perfect! Let me just say that when he returned, Curt Hennig was just that, Perfect! He was quick, agile and held his own. He lasted longer than anyone expected and even had a stint to stay onwards. It was awesome.

Kharma! Arguably the greatest Diva to never wrestle, she had so much potential. In TNA, she could move, she could hurt and she could wrestle with the best of them. Not since Chyna had there been a female with this much potential. Then she got pregnant and had to leave. Good for her. She’s back on Impact now, but I will always want her back in WWE.

Diesel! Let me get this out first: I have never liked his characters or cared much for his career. That being said, it was a nice moment for him to return which also kept him around later in the year for his feud with Triple H and CM Punk. The fans there loved it.

Rowdy Roddy Piper and Superfly Jimmy Snuka! I had forgotten about until I watched the clip I posted for Mr. Perfect. This was awesome, and there’s nothing like settling grudges that are 20 years in the making.

John Cena! This was a complete and utter shock to anyone and everyone, as he wasn’t expected back for months. This was perhaps the last time he was popular with anyone older than 12.

JBL! I actually have always liked the JBL character. I just wish he was given more time to do SOMETHING in this match.

And there you have it.