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The Sportz Nutt Reveals His Top 5 Wrestlers of All-Time (Including Some Great Videos)

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I was recently asked who my favourite wrestlers were of all-time…..I was stumped. I mean, I watch it more times a week than I should, I read about it daily and I’ve been a fan for 30 years, and I couldn’t come up with a top 5 list. And it got me thinking….who really are my favourites of all-time? I can tell you who I like here and now, but overall? That’s another story. I take lists seriously, and this one, as I examine my psyche with you, is no different.

In order to come up with a list, first I will need to figure out how to make the list. In order for a wrestler to make it into my all-time list, he/she will need to have had a career that spans more than a year or two, have in-ring ability and be awesome on the microphone. Oh, and I usually like the heels more than the faces. Even as a kid, I would cheer for the bad guys. I like to be different. That being said, I’m not so sure this list has many guys that will leave you scratching your heads. Keep in mind though, it’s my favourite wrestlers:

5) Kane


The idea behind his debut was that he was The Undertaker’s long lost brother, back for revenge. When he debuted to attack The Undertaker inside the cage, it was brilliant, as he decimated the steel door, pulverized his brother, and helped Shawn Michaels retain the title:

They have had legendary matches at Wrestlemania, but none better than their first collision at Wrestlemania XIV:

One of my favorite RAW moments ever was him returning at the end of a legendary 10 man tag team match:

From there, I thought his character was dead in the water, with nothing much left to offer. Little did we know that there was depth to Kane, as he learned how to talk, then he unmasked, and would be a fixture in the WWE for years and years. Even today, I’m still a fan whenever he’s on my WWE TV.

4) Mick Foley


Although some say that he is a glorified stunt man (cough cough Flair), I have loved almost every minute of seeing Mick Foley in the WWE. From his debut as Mankind, the deranged psychopath who wore a mask, he gave 110% to everything he did:

Not the greatest wrestler, he put his body into everything, including the infamous Hell in a Cell Match with The Undertaker:

He also had some memorable moments with The Rock, either as a friend:

Or foe:

But you couldn’t help but cheer for the lovable one. His feud with Triple H was memorable, as was his match at Wrestlemania with Edge, which was one of my favourites.

3) CM Punk


CM Punk is everything that the WWE hates….he’s not big by any means, he lets his wrestling do the talking, he’s smart in the brain and with his mouth, and he’s rich outside of the ring, so he doesn’t necessarily need the WWE. When he made his debut, I didn’t think anything of it, personally:

But then he slowly caught on, winning matches and succeeding on ECW. Finally, he won the ECW Title culminating a great feud with John Morrison:

Later on, he had his own cult, which, in my opinion, was a success. He used his followers to do his dirty work. Effective! Then, after fluttering around with minor wins, major losses, a stint on commentary, he attacked John Cena, which would eventually lead to this:

In fact, without doing much research, I wonder if that promo was the start of a new era, since it seems that the WWE moved into a new time where they took themselves a little more seriously as a major promotion and company worldwide. Anyways, I digress. He won the belt at Money in the Bank vs Cena in front of a crowd whose reactions need to be heard to be appreciated:

He would later win that belt again and hold it for 434 days, joining Paul Heyman, and simply out, dominating.

For the final two years, he remained near the top of the card, but suffered from being burnt out and left right after the Royal Rumble, never to be seen since. He has been training for his UFC debut, which is happening in the coming months.

2) The Rock


When The Rock, errr Rocky Maivia, debuted, he was loathed by many. A vanilla character, he debuted as a face, which is damn near impossible to do with success, because there’s no real reason to care about you:

But he later developed an attitude, and joined the already formed Nation of Domination:

After feuding with Degeneration X for awhile as part of said group, he would eventually emerge as the best of the bunch and join Mr. McMahon’s Corporation:

This would propel him to the top of the WWE food chain, as he, alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker and Mick Foley would have legendary feuds that lasted for years, all intertwined with each other. It was awesome, and in that time, The Rock became a star in his own right. He then went onto have a pretty darn successful Hollywood career, and occasionally returns for important moments:

And important matches too, as his three year feud with John Cena is every bit as important as what WWE made it out to be.

1) Edge


By far, my favourite wrestler of all-time. My goodness, I can’t say that I was a fan of his babyface run to start his career, but he formed one of the greatest tag teams ever with Christian. Never before were kazoos, 5 second poses and sun glasses so cool:

but as soon as he turned heel, obsessing over the World Heavyweight Championship and transforming into the Rated R Superstar, I was hooked:

He became the Ultime Opportunist, and would do and use anyone/anything to keep it:

He would viciously go after legends:

He would sleep with his girlfriend:

He would sleep with the boss:

And he has my favourite theme song of all-time:

And there you have it.