The Sportz Nutt Reviews The Best and Worst Signings In NBA Free Agency

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It may take awhile to get used to the numbers, but these contracts at first glance looked ridiculous. So much money to spend this year and so little time. As the salary cap expnaded because of the new TV deal, so too did the wallets of owners. Here are some of the best and worst, in my opinion.


Kevin Durant to Golden State (2 years @ $54.3 million)

If you can sign the best player in free agency and one of the top 5 players in the NBA to your team, then you win, regardless of price. The fact that they just very well could have the greatest lineup in NBA history is icing on this expensive and controversial cake.

Al Horford to Boston (4 years @ $113 million)

A huge upgrade to whatever size they had before, he now gives the Celtics the inside presence they’ve been lacking for years. He can score, defend and rebound. They are the second best team in the NBA this season and are on the rise.

Zaza Pachulia to Golden Stats (1 year @ $2.9 million)

The key here is value. It’s one thing to have a player with talent at a high price. But if you can get a player with talent for cheap, that makes excellent value. Enter Zaza, who surprised everyone last year, and should be able to rebound and collect the trash when some of the shots misfire.

Brandon Jennings to New York (1 year @ $5 million)

There’s no guarantee that Derrick Rose is healthy all season. Jennings is a very capable backup and could fit in admirably when needed.

Al Jefferson to Indiana (3 years @ $30 million)

Despite the desire to play faster, I actually like what Indiana did here, because Jefferson, when healthy, is one hell of a player. Look out for the Pacers next season.

Pau Gasol to San Antonio (2 years @ $30 million)

The Spurs lose Duncan (potentially) to retirement and gain Gasol? That’s an incredible upgrade for an aging team. They’re seemingly all in for this season to try and beat Golden State.

Ish Smith to Detroit (3 years @ $18 million)

A steal for the Pistons. Another team to watch out for in the East.


Joakim Noah  to New York (4 years @ $72 million)

Wow! That’s about all I can say for a guy who gets injured and doesn’t shoot the ball. The Knicks look like the guy in your fantasy league that doesn’t check his team (sorry guys) and picks up players based on names alone.

Solomon Hill to New Orleans (4 years @ $52 million)

Go look at his regular season stats and tell me if he’s worth half that money.

Timofey Mozgov to Los Angeles (4 years @ $65 million)

He had more “DNP CD” in the playoffs than he had blocks. What a joke.

Eric Gordon to Houston ( 4 years @ $53 million)

They have Patrick Beverly too, so either Gordon is a backup, or he is playing the 3 which would be devastating to the Rockets’ chances. Furthermore, when Beverly is sitting, Harden is apparently playing the 1, which is awesome because we know how important it is to have a PG dribble up and down for 22 seconds and either drive, shoot, or make a desperation pass to a teammate for a desperation shot.

Ryan Anderson to Houston (4 years @ $80 million)

A good fit for the team to help give Harden spacing, but waaaaay too expensive for a PF who doesn’t rebound.

Mike Conley to Memphis (5 years @ $153 million)

The richest contract in NBA history for a guy who may not even be in the top 10 in the league at his position.

And there you have it.