The Sportz Nutt Revisits Some Of The Best Royal Rumble Performances

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In the next section of the Sportznutt Six, I want to look at some of the all-time best performers in Royal Rumble history. This will take into account eliminations, time spent and also what they did in the ring. Without further adieu, here we go:

Kofi Kingston!

These are some of the most creative ways to use the rule of having “both feet hit the outside floor” to his advantage. Physically gifted, he becomes a treasure every year to see how he can stay live in the match.

Ric Flair!

This goes down as one of the all-time greatest performances because of his age and because he won the World Title in doing so from coming out as #3. If you get a chance to watch it, do so, because Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is in his finest form here on commentary as he apparently bet some money on Flair winning and was ballistic with every close call. Ot’s too bad that Hogan had to spoil the ending.

Roman Reigns! And Kane!

I picked the eleven of Kane over the twelve of Roman Reigns for one reason…..about half of Kane’s eliminations came in a flurry and within about 10 seconds, which to me is impressive. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a tie for bothJ

Talk about impressive! He enters the Rumble and eliminates anyone and everyone he can. Big and small, short and tall, nobody was safe. He eliminated everyone and now holds the record for the single most eliminations in one match.

Chris Benoit!

We may not like what he did out of the ring, but going into this match was an ultimatum….win at number one or never get a shot at the title again. He was the underdog forever in his career, and his eventual win at Wrestlemania XX was what legends are made of. It’s too bad outside of the ring he was a monster.

Rey Mysterio!

There’s no doubt that the passing of Eddie Guerrero had a lot to do with his push, but his win at the Royal Rumble in 2006 was definitely impressive. Pitted as number 2, he still had to go through all 29 others to win, and he did it in amazing fashion.

Shawn Michaels!

Unfortunately he did it during the WWE’s weakest years, but he did win back to back Rumbles. What makes him so good as that he was the first to do it while getting the #1 spot. Mr. Wrestlemania could also be regarded as Mr. Royal Rumble as well. Okay, maybe not, but we’ll see if it catches on.

And there you have it.