The Sportz Nutt Runs Down Some Of The Worst Interceptions Of All-Time

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I’m going to get right to it. In Week 14, this happened (fast forward to 8:30):

Is that the worst interception ever thrown in the NFL? Let’s go YouTubing together. Let’s see what comes up:

One of my favorites, because the ball takes such a weird bounce off of Garo’s hands, flops around the is returned for a pick six. My favorite part of this though is his teammate (at 2:22) yelling out “Damn” about as good as Ron Simmons. Classic.

This one is pretty bad, as nobody on his team is even CLOSE to where the defender is. Sometimes QB’s need to just throw it out of bounds or take a sack.

It’s understandable…..he put on a Browns uniform.

Bad luck, compounded with the fact that he’s Andy Dalton.

And that’s about it. Without going into long compilations, I can’t find any other interceptions, so…..until someone proves me wrong in the comments below, Kizer’s pick is the worst interception thrown ever.

And there you have it.