The Sportz Nutt Runs Through Some Of His Favorite March Madness Moments

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March Madness begins right around St. Patrick’s Day this year, and it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year to be basketball experts and critics. Biases aside, everyone can agree that it does give us some of the best basketball of the year, and memories that will last forever. Here are some of my favorites:

Now a coach, he made a career out of this shot, and didn’t do too much afterwards. It was the ultimate underdog story. What I liked most was winning some money for the following years off of my buddies who still picked Valpo to win year after year and go deeper into the playoffs. Thank$ guy$.

This HAS to be the greatest moment of all-time, based on the importance and the timing. To win the CHAMPIONSHIP off a made shot with no time to go is incredible. Year after year, this will grow in popularity and importance.

Do you believe in miracles? Norfolk State sure did, and they cost a lot of people a lot money…..or made a handful of people even more. That said, this wasn’t the one that started it all…….

Incredible and unparalleled.

What an incredible ending….I’m sure that’s how they drew it up:)

Poor Webber deserved better than this. His entire career was plagued by one mistake #Romo

Good Lord, I still don’t know how players get open on deep passes like this #Rodgers

And there you have it.