The Sportz Nutt Says He SUCKS!

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I feel like an idiot.

This past week, at my weekly pick’em at work, I got 3 correct games….THREE! Who the hell claims to know sports like this guy and get THREE friggin’ right? Apparently, it’s normal with me. Lately, I’ve been off, or so it would seem. Don’t believe me?

I picked the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East. I picked the Colts to win the Super Bowl. Granted, there have been a ton of key injuries that would have helped my cause, but still, both teams have been abysmal.How bad have the Colts been? In the CineSportsTalk fantasy league, I traded for Colts players, and I’m currently 3-6. Good God, every decision I have made in that league has come back to bite me.

I’ve tested the waters with Daily Fantasy Football. I LOVE it. It’s awesome to pick a team every week. What’s more, I listen to fantasy sports radio daily, so I should know who to pick each and every week, right? Well, I’m up from my original deposit…..yup, I’m up….$6. WOW, $3 in 8 weeks. At this rate, I might be able to supersize a meal at McDonald’s.

I was so excited for my Anaheim Ducks and my Los Angeles Clippers. This was the year, I said, for both! The Ducks were so close last season, and only got better with their additions. The Clippers reunited with Jordan, and solidified their bench with really good depth. The result? Both have underachieved, to say the least, and show no signs of turning things around.

So I ask you, the faithful readers….is this a rough patch and things will turn around? Or am I doomed? DOOMED I SAY! Lemme know of your bad luck and we can cry together:)

And there you have it.