The Sportz Nutt Says Lay Off The Refs and Umps!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of the daily rants about officiating. Doesn’t matter the sport, athletes and fans alike have their opinions and are constantly saying how they could do better. For instance:

Whether it was the “foul” on Waiters to Ginobili, the fact that Ginobili stepped out of bounds to begin with, the foul by Leonard, or others, NBA Radio, which I love, had callers and hosts irate for days. “He missed this”, mixed in with “Spurs were robbed”, topped with “things need to change” were all I heard for hours and hours. Were there things missed? Probably. Did it directly influence the outcome? Not in the end, because the delay of game by Ginobili stepping out of bounds should have been called, and either free throw attempts or a new five seconds would have been awarded.

It wasn’t just that:

DeRozan blatantly fouled here, but no call. PTI was filled with rants about how the Pacers should have been awarded two foul shots here. And, well, they’re right, however, that’s a tough call to make late in the game. However, it wasn’t just basketball:

David Ortiz hated the call here. Ridiculous call, in my opinion, but I’m not mad in the least bit. If the umpire felt it was a strike, then, well, it’s a strike. Why?

As a referee myself, it is impossible to please everyone. Personally, I referee football and basketball games in my hometown for kids ages 8-14, and, let me tell you, it is tough. Football, for instance, I need to watch the line for offsides, then I need to watch the ball in the air while keeping an eye on where the QB threw it and if he’s still okay…..then, I need to see where it lands, if the receivers had the same opportunities to catch it as the defenders, and then mark where he’s caught or out of bounds. In basketball, it’s even harder. I need to make sure the guy with the ball takes the appropriate amount of steps, while at the same time ensuring the other guys on his team aren’t in the key for 3 seconds and making sure that the defnese, with or without the ball, isn’t fouling…..among other things. Confusing? Sounds easy enough on TV, but in real life it’s hard as hell. Fast forward their speed about triple that, with coaches and players telling you everything you’ve done is wrong and you’ve got the professionals and their life.

Lay off the refs. It’s nearly impossible to do their job and human error is part of the game. As long as they’re being as objective as they can, I have no problem with the job they’re doing whatsoever.