The Sportz Nutt Shares A Couple Of Sports Rarities With Us

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Hey all, so I woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning, and saw two, count them TWO rarities in my Twitter/FlipBoard feed in the world of sports. They aren’t mainstream teams/athletes, so there’s a chance you may have missed. Have no fear, that’s why Sportz Nutt is here!

Let’s begin with boxing, as Zolani Tete took on Siboniso Gonya for a championship bout. I’m not going to pretend I know much of anything about boxing, but I do know this….fast forward to 3:15 of the clip to see the match.

Did you blink? Did you miss it? One punch, 11 seconds in, and the match was not only over, but officially the fastest match ever. Incredible, no? Imagine paying good money to see this, only to have it over in 11 seconds. Regardless, that’s an amazing feat. So in case you missed it, there it was.

Speaking of rarities, check out what happened in a Division II game yesterday!

Yup….they had to kickoff from the opponents’ 10 yard line. I can’t find out what happened or why, but that had to be A LOT of penalties to drive it so many yards. We’re talking about the entire defensive line attacking the kicker after a kick….or every defensive back deciding to maul a wide receiver….twice! It’s so rare…..I support that coach’s decision to go for the short kick, but imagine that kicker booted the ball out of the stadium?

What a night….you never know what you’ll see.

And there you have it.