The Sportz Nutt shares his movie making experiences

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Sportznutt here, doing some entertainment stuff. I just wanted to pimp myself out there for my two new movies that are out this year. All the talk has been about the Star Wars franchise, and the Superman vs Batman movie, and, especially now, the Avengers movie, but two new trailers were released recently that I was especially interested in, because, well, I was an extra in both of them. I can’t get into detail what I did and where, but just know that I feel I had a significant role in both for the day’s work with the extras roles:

Pixels: I had an absolute blast filming this movie. Adam Sandler was extremely nice to the extras, and even played the drums one late night. The rest of the cast was awesome as well, and very personable when spoken to. I even did something physical which I think will be picked up on camera. Exciting stuff for me. It comes out in theatres on July 24, 2015.

Crimson Peak: This was my first ever job for the entertainment industry, and I was quite nervous that day. I remember being in awe of the entire production, and seeing some stars up close. I even worked a scene with one of the main characters of this film, and was called upon by one of the directors to do something else. Amazing stuff. It comes out in theatres October 16, 2015.

Both movies were quite the experience for me. I had fun doing both and learned a lot. Both trailers look incredible and have me excited to see them. I hope you do too.

And there you have it.