The Sportz Nutt shares his predictions for WWE Extreme Rules

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I usually get excited for WWE PPV’s, but for this, I couldn’t care less. Post-Wrestlemania hype just isn’t there for me this year, as this really seems like a weak and uneventful card. With new champions everywhere, title changes just don’t seem likely, mostly due to injury. With so many major players not there anymore, I find this to be the worst card, on paper, in 2015. That being said, here are my predictions:


(Champions) Tyson Kidd & Cesaro w/ Natalya vs. New Day w/ Xavier Woods
Pre-Show Kickoff Match: WWE Tag Team Championship Match

New Day is up for a heel turn sooner than later. I can see them losing here and taking out their frustrations on the fans afterwards. Champs retain.


(Champion) Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett
Intercontinental Championship Match

There are rumors about the ending of this match, or whether or not it even happens. Have you noticed how Daniel Bryan hasn’t been wrestling for awhile? It’s because he suffered a concussion against Sheamus weeks back, and he’s being protected. I’ve read reports of him being out for up to five weeks, which should make my sons happy, since we’re going to see them live next week and they locve Bryan. Regardless of this, I see Barrett winning the belt (again) before losing it in a month or two.


Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper
Chicago Street Fight

It’s time to build o Ambrose as a tough S.O.B.-type fighter, for next year’s Wrstlemania. This is a perfect opportunity to take some bumps and win against Harper here. Should be an entertaining match.


(Champion) Nikki Bella w/ Brie vs. Naomi
Divas Championship Match

Perfect example of why I don’t watch the Divas: For NO reason, the Bellas come out as faces one week, love the crowds, love the announcers and are now against a heel Naomi, who comes out to her old face music? There’s nothing of significance or semblance of sanity here. Bella retains.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus
Kiss My Arse Match

Not sure why this is the stipulation here, or how they’ll follow through with this, but Sheamus has been built up beautifully here, and I think his run continues. This is going to steal the show, and I can’t decide who wins here or why. I’ll flip a coin and say Sheamus continues his hot streak.


Roman Reigns vs. Big Show
Last Man Standing Match

The build up for the other former Shield member for next year’s Wrestlemania continues as well. This is how he should have been built in the first place, by kicking ass. Reigns wins here.


(Champion) John Cena vs. Rusev w/ Lana
United States Championship Russian Chain Match

Cena just won the title, so I don’t see him losing it here. Once again, John Cena will defy the odds, when the deck is stacked against him, and beat an opponent down at his own game.


(Champion) Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
WWE World Championship Cage Match

The insertion of Kane as the gatekeeper has done more for his character than anything else since Dr. Shelby. Kane is one of my all-time favorites, so anytime he’s onscreen, I’m happy, regardless of a squashing. I’d love to see him return as a monster, one last time, before retiring at Wrestlemania. Back to this match, this feud is merely a transition to Rollins’ next feud, so losing the belt to Orton, who doesn’t need it, is pointless. Rollins retains.

And there you have it.