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The Sportz Nutt Shares His Thoughts On Week 10 In The NFL

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I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a season where there is so much disparity between the best of the best and the worst of the worst. If you look at the top of the NFL standings, there are teams like the Rams, Saints, Patriots and Chiefs, who are so good in every facet of the game….while at the bottom you have teams like the Bills, Raiders, Cardinals and 49ers, who, if you were to combine them all to form one team, may still lose to any of the already listed teams. It’s just either really really good, or really really bad. Not sure what I mean? I present Exhibit A:

Thu Nov 8 8:20 pm  Carolina Panthers  Pittsburgh Steelers
 Sun Nov 11 1:00 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  New York Jets
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Chicago Bears
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Indianapolis Colts
1:00 pm  Miami Dolphins  Green Bay Packers
1:00 pm  New England Patriots  Tennessee Titans
1:00 pm  New Orleans Saints  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4:05 pm  Los Angeles Chargers  Oakland Raiders
4:25 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Los Angeles Rams
8:20 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Philadelphia Eagles
 Mon Nov 12 8:15 pm  New York Giants  San Francisco 49ers
Bye: Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Minnesota

Games of the Week:

3 – Detroit at Chicago

The Bears should win this one at home, as the Lions have seemingly given up on this year…..what were they thinking when they traded Golden Tate? Anyways, Mitchell Trubisky is quietly developing into a nice option for the Bears at QB, and has some weapons at his disposal against a below average defense.

2 – New Orleans at Cincinnati

The only thing preventing this from being a blowout is the fact that it’s not in New Orleans, otherwise this wouldn’t be close. With no AJ Green for awhile, this could allow for opportunities for Boyd and Ross to step up and live to some of their potential, but now that every team’s top corner(s) will be on both of them, I see a drop off in Dalton’s production. The Saints are on their way to a Super Bowl, barring a Rams explosion.

1 – Jacksonville at Indianapolis

This is more for the offense I see happening. The Colts are bad at it, and the Jags are nowhere near their 2017 output. I see this being a game where both teams score at least 4 touchdowns and a game that can produce excitement. Fournette back gives the Jags a good chance of becoming the offensive threat they were capable of before the season started.

Game of the Weak:

Take your pick. These are not exciting games by any stretch of the imagination. There should be lots of blowouts.

Do or Die:

The Cowboys can’t afford to drop to 2 games behind the Eagles and Redskins, so a win here is crucial. That said, the Eagles, in a prime-time game, should crush the Cowboys more-so than Rusev. I’m looking forward to it so it’ll be one less thing for Skip Bayless to talk about. Wait, who am I kidding….he tweets about them in May.

Upset of the Week:

The Falcons are favored to beat the Browns, but Cleveland is a solid home team and held their own against the Chiefs last week. Give me Cleveland here to at least keep it close and probably cover the spread. Heck, I could even see them winning this game, as the Falcons defense is not even close to being good, and Matt Ryan on the road is by no means a lock.

Lock of the Week:

The Cardinals are going into Arrowhead to play the Chiefs.


Give me KC, and the points, add 2 touchdowns, and enjoy.

And there you have it.