The Sportz Nutt Tackles Week 8 in the NFL

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I know I’m late, but I just couldn’t wait, to talk about Week 8. I know if you were to rate, all the writers on a plate, you’d have to locate, my writings do equate.

Alright, enough rhyming, and let’s dive right into this week:

Thu Oct 25 8:20 pm  Miami Dolphins  Houston Texans
 Sun Oct 28 9:30 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Jacksonville Jaguars ¹
1:00 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Carolina Panthers
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers
1:00 pm  Denver Broncos  Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 pm  New York Jets  Chicago Bears
1:00 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Detroit Lions
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  New York Giants
4:05 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Oakland Raiders
4:25 pm  Green Bay Packers  Los Angeles Rams
4:25 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Arizona Cardinals
8:20 pm  New Orleans Saints  Minnesota Vikings
 Mon Oct 29 8:15 pm  New England Patriots  Buffalo Bills
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.

 Bye: Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tennessee

Top 3 Games of the Week:

3 – Denver @ Kansas City

Denver impressed me last week…, beating Arizona isn’t that impressive, but their defense was great, their offense was able to do things, and their offensive line was solid. If they can do somewhat of the same thing here and subdue the Chiefs, even just a little bit, we could see a high scoring affair.

2 – Baltimore @ Carolina

The Ravens and their offense has been better than expected as they retooled themselves in the off-season. Their receivers are actually receiving the ball, which is somewhat of a new concept for Flacco. They also have have 3 backs who can run with it and are probably waiting for one to reemerge as the lead back (though Collins probably is). The key here is the defense. Newton tends to struggle against the Ravens, and might yet again. In fact, both defenses tend to keep their opponents outside the red zone, so this could be won with a few big plays.

1 – Green Bay @ LA Rams

This game almost needs no introduction about the basics, as both have great offenses and a defensive intensity. I’ll just say this: Aaron Rodgers needs to have the game of his life today for the Packers to win this…..the Rams are a complete team from top to bottom and they will score. Gurley will get his, Goff will pass for a few TD, but Rodgers needs to be out of this world great in order for the Rams to lose at home.

Game of the Weak

San Francisco @ Arizona

Honestly, if you need to know why this game is under the heading, then there are two responses for you: 1) You haven’t been paying attention all year or 2) welcome to the NFL!

Do or Die:

The Chicago Bears started the season on fire, with a new defense and an offense that featured a QB who could throw the football. Weird, I know. However, losses to Miami and New England have put them at the bottom of the NFC North, though they are still 3-3. A win this week would really help them get on track, because I see the Lions winning, as I do the Vikings, and that would be extra tracks to cover following a loss.

Upset of the Week:

There isn’t much to view this week, but, for some reason, the Giants are one point favorites vs the Redskins. I like Washington, which is the better team, to win this divisional game against a Giants team that sold two of its defensive pieces this week and is looking forward to the 2019 Draft.

Lock of the Week:

The Patriots are good and the Bills are bad. There’s no way Buffalo is winning this one, even at home.

And there you have it.