The Sportz Nutt Takes A Look At Some Great Heel Turns!

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The art of a carefully crafted heel turn is something that takes practise and timing to perfect. It must take everyone by surprise, as well as offer sympathy for the person who is attacked. It also must be done for a long term goal, not a short term gain. There have been some good ones over the years, some of which still have ramifications today. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

Wow, from out of nowhere it seems, Triple H destroys Daniel Bryan and begins the age of The Authority….it was so good that it had lasting effects for Bryan, who further established The Yes Movement, as well as gave him TWO matches at Wrestlemania almost a year later. It’s one that the fans obviously loved, despite their disdain for Orton at the time, as they reacted with praise and utter shock.

This was one that, while it worked well for the guy turning heel, it worked better for the guy attacked. Christian’s turn was supposed to happen for awhile, and when it finally did, he was supposed to start a heels career as a singles wrestler. What happened here though is that Edge caught on in popularity (even tagging with Hogan for awhile) and then later turned into The Rated R Superstar. Christian battled injuries, but still had a successful career. Still, a great turn though!

I LOVE this one. The Shield was one of the most dominant factions EVER. I don’t care if they were relatively new or short in length, they were talented, fearless and they backed it up twofold. They had demolished everyone and everything, and then, one night, Seth Rollins decides to HELP the man he just destroyed. Why? He cashed in. I love the one fan in the audeince yelling “NO!” right before the chair connects, I love the look on Dean Ambrose’s face, not knowing if he will join Rollins, and I love what followed because even today, it is still ongoing. One of the best.

The whole feud was stupid, HBK’s reactions in the match were ridiculous, this lasted only a month…..why put it here? Nobody quite gives the look of pure evil with nothingness on his face like HBK. It gave way to some nice heel promos by HBK, it gave us something to talk about, and it’s something we all remember for years in an exciting and meaningful match against two legends.

The one that started it all, this was almost ruined by Bobby Heenan’s stupid questioning of which side Hogan is on…..I mean, he’s been a good guy for decades, and Heenan has the audacity to ask? Outside of that, this started the nWo, which started WCW’s rise to the top, which started The Attitude Era which gave way to what we have today.

One that always sticks in my head for some reason. I think it’s because of how sad I feel for Mysterio….half his size at least, begging for his life, they were lovable friends forever, and there’s no stopping Batista.

The smirk that started a revolution… the look on her face, and because of this, the McMahon/Helmsley era was born.

This one happened literally out of nowhere, but rejuvinated HBK’s career. Everyone thought DX was back together, after time away, injuries, et al, and then WHAM, Triple H attacks his long time friend. It would spawn countless matches of brutality, blood sweat and tears and some memorable promos. It truly made both men into living legends and, despite being something WWE never really talks about, is something worth remembering.

Only really here for it’s importance, not necessarily my favorite…..but it did propel Shawn Michaels into singles glory and Janetty into oblivion.

And there you have it.