The Sportz Nutt Takes A Look At Some Really BAD Teams

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It seems that in sports these days, the teams are either really good or really bad. Sure there are teams  in the middle, obviously, but there are some really REALLY bad teams in both hockey and basketball. How bad? Let’s examine:


Toronto Maple Leafs

Sure they’ve scored 170 goals this season, more than Boston and Los Angeles. And yes, their powerplay sits at 18.5%, which is right in the middle of the league ahead of Nashville and Anaheim. They also have a very good home record. But therein lies the problem. They are pathetic on the road, they give up a lot of goals, and, well, as of late, they just can’t score. Since two days after my birthday, January 12th, they have scored 33 goals in 20 games, while getting shut out five times. They fired their coach, and ever since, they’ve been one of the worst teams in the league. Randy Carlysle deserves some mention for Coach of the Year.

Buffalo Sabres

The deserved winners of the McDavid sweepstakes, they have been pitiful this season. Armed with the league’s worst powerplay and the second worst penalty killing unit, they’ve scored an anemic 129 goals all season. Not convinced yet? John Tavares has one fewer point than the top two Sabres players combined. If you still think they’re better than I do, then read this: They didn’t win their first game in 2015 until February 3. Pathetic. They do have guys who SHOULD be able to produce in the future, as they’ve been rebuilding, but nothing’s a guarantee in sports.

Edmonton Oilers

One would think that a team with the talents of Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov, who have all been in the NHL for years now, should be producing at a better level than they currently are. Instead, they look even worse than last season with no hope in sight. I’d say losing streaks of 11 and 9 games respectively midway through the season would do that for you. Their GM takes no responsibility for their play, as proven by his offseason press conference where he pointed in every direction but the mirror. This once proud franchise has been, and might continue to be, the laughingstock of the NHL.

Arizona Coyotes

If you’re looking for the cheapest NHL season tickets, look no further than Arizona! Already the least expensive, the owners would be idiots with grapefruit sized testicles if they decided to raise prices after this debacle of a season. When your best offensive threats are your defencemen, as evidenced by their 5thranked powerplay, you know you’re in trouble. Oh, and now one of them is gone to the Rangers. Mike Smith has been deplorable, and their usual offensive reliabilities have been invisible. Pure rebuild mode in the tough Western Conference.


New York Knicks

Okay, I knew they overachieved last season, and didn’t think they would contend for a title this season, even in the Eastern Conference, but this is ridiculous. They went from being 4-10 on November 22 to compiling a 5-36 record by January 25. And now, the face of the franchi$e, Carmelo Anthony, is out for the year, Amar’e Stoudermire has been shipped to Dallas, JR Smith and Iman Shumpert are gone, and there is no hope in sight, since their numbers against the salary cap still cripple their potential. There’s no reason why any team NOT on this list should lose to the Knicks this season.

Philadelphia 76ers

This team has been rebuilding for years it seems. As it stands, greatest single season team of all-time, the 1995/96 Bulls, had more wins in that season than the 76ers have had in the past two and a half seasons combined. They have players, who might not even make the roster of other teams, playing for them, trying to make an impression and prove they belong in the NBA. Can you honestly tell me that there’s a place for JaKarr Sampson, Hollis Thompson or Jerami Grant on any team not on this list? At least their uniforms look cool.

Orlando Magic

This is a team with a lot of promise, but that’s about it. On first glance of their roster, they have a ton of talent that’s starting. Nikola Vucevic is so under-rated, and the combination of Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo have a great future. But then, there’s a significant drop off, as their point guard position is weak and there is little help off the bench. However, the fact that they have three pieces of the puzzle seemingly solved is a good thing, and with a key free agent or two, they could compete sooner than later.

Minnesota Timberwolves

You had to know going into the season that they would struggle. They traded away their best player for future talent. Andrew Wiggins has been as good as advertised, but Anthony Bennett has not lived to any of his expectations. They’ve also been hurt with injuries to Nikola Pekovic, but, one of the best big-man secrets in the NBA is Gorgui Dieng. Playing the in the Western Conference obviously hurts them for awhile, but at least the seeds have been planted. Who knows if they’ll grow.

Los Angeles Lakers

As a Clippers fan, I’m loving this. I do hate that Kobe went down, and I hope he can play again, but the rest of the team is dreadful. How bad? Guys named Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly and Jordan Clarkson have started more than a baker’s dozen games for the Lakers this season. Bad aba b aba.

And there you have it.