The Sportz Nutt Takes A Look At Super Bowl Championship Odds

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With most of the NFL Season in the books, there have been some surprises (Dallas this good, really?) and disappointments (anyone bigger than Arizona?), yet, here we are, entering Week 13. Let’s look at the contenders and the pretenders for the Lombardi Trophy, shall we?


1. New England – Obviously, any team with the greatest QB and coach of all-time has a HUGE advantage, and this year is no different. They won without Brady earlier this year and look to be on a roll, despite last week’s narrow victory @ NY. Losing Gronk is huge, but he could be back come playoffs. Odds – 3:2

2. Oakland – Very inexperienced and quite young, but looking incredible. They’re deep at WR, but a lot f that has to do with the play of Derek Carr. Defensively they are better and they are no longer a roll over on the road. I don’t see them going all the way, due to their youth, but I could be wrong. Odds 5:2

3. Baltimore – Defensively as sound as ever, but offensively they look to be overachieving. Flacco has been average at best, and his WR depth of Smith and Wallace can only go so far. They win the close ones and are good at home. They also have the best kicker in the game. Odds 10:1

4. Houston – Here’s a team that has hung around and, if they make the playoffs, and their team wakes up, they could pose a problem. Hopkins has looked ordinary for too long and could/should break out before the season is done, which doesn’t bode well for their post season opponent, whoever that may be. Odds 15:1

5. Kansas City – Alex Smith makes Joe Flacco look like Joe Montana, yet they still seem to win. Last week’s victory in Denver was a season changer, as it potentially knocked the Broncos out of the playoffs (for now….we all know they’re going to….more later). As for the Chiefs, solid run game, stellar defense and a good kicker, spells at least one round for these guys. Odds 25:1

6. Miami – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Odds 43767834892374892534892734892437934264387:1

The Outsiders

Denver – They’re better than most current playoff teams and will make the playoffs. They could very well repeat as champs. Seriously, how are the Dolphins in and the Broncos out? Odds – 2:1

Pittsburgh – If they could somehow get their act together on defense, they would be a force to be reckoned with. Instead, they are above average offensively on the road, and thus, will falter. They would be better off getting a better draft pick and waiting for Martavius Bryant. Odds 30:1

Buffalo – If they get healthy, they are a team nobody wants to face. Odds 20:1



1. Dallas – What an incredible run. Defensively they are all over the place and offensively they are managing the game with nothing over the top. Dak Prescott has been perfect, looking Brady-ish in his time to step in for Bledsoe, err Romo. Anyways, they’re probably better than most thought, but not as good as people think……does that make any sense to anyone but me? Odds 5:1

2. Seattle – As a Cardinals fan, I’m like a frosted mini wheat. The grown up side says their defense is good, Wilson is healthy, they’re dominant at home and they have the experience. The kid in me says they barely won 2 games, they get lucky with bad calls, and their RB position is depleted. Odds 4:1

3. Detroit – They have quietly done their thing with many people overlooking them. Luckily for them they are in a division where every team is porous on one side of the ball. The Lions may be the happy medium that division desires. Odds 8:1

4. Atlanta – Everyone thinks this is the best offense in football, but if you look, a lot of their yardage/scores are based off big plays, not big drives (like Dallas). Their defense seems to be over-achieving right now, but what do I know? Odds 12:1

5. NY Giants – If they could somehow find consistency in their running game, they could be the one team in the NFC to dethrone the AFC (probably New England) once again. I’m still worried though, because Eli always has games where he forgets what the sport of football is, and I don’t think he’s had that quite yet. Odds 10:1

6. Washington – A lot of GOOD players here, but not enough GREAT players. I say they’re a superstar away from winning. Alas…..Odds 25:1

The Outsiders

Minnesota – Only here because they could still win their division, but they probably won’t go far. Odds 20:1

Green Bay – See Minnesota….if we could combine Minnesota’s defense with Green Bay’s offense, they would be dyn-o-mite. Odds 25:1

And there you have it.