The Sportz Nutt takes a look at the bright future of the WWE

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Just how bright is the future in the WWE? It seems like every Wrestlemania season, they call on veterans of the past and celebrities of the time to create memories we’ll remember forever. This past year was no different as guys like Sting, Undertaker, nWo/DX members, Ronda Rousey all took part in the festivities, and gave us a memorable event. During the event, The Undertaker, John Cena, The Big Show and Randy Orton, all won their respective matches, and all are old and established veterans who don’t necessarily need a win to keep any momentum going. Honestly though, I thoroughly enjoyed Wrestlemania. However, at the end of the show, a very important event transpired: Seth Rollins brilliantly cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, stunned the world by making the main event a Triple Match, and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. JBL said it best, that the future is now, but really, is it? Let’s examine it a little more closely in the SportznuttSixPack.

1) Seth Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


He thrillingly cashed it in at the end of the show. No other time before this, had any competitior cashed it in during a match, as it had always been afterwards with a dazed opponent. Pure brilliance. Now, he is the face of the WWE with a few guys chasing after him. Randy Orton has a beef as he beat him earlier that night; Roman Reigns is a former ally turned enemy who had his rightful spot for the belt before having it taken away from him; Brock Lesnar was the champion for so long and was never pinned.

Three Pros:

He is a durable champion who week after week can wrestle with the best of them.

Rollins is fantastic on the microphone and can make any fan hate him.

He can be somewhat marketable as he was on The Today Show, as well as tackling Jon Stewart.

Three Cons:

He comes off as somewhat cowardly behind The Authority, and will probably be destroyed when he leaves them.

Winning the belt now means he might not have it at next year’s Wrestlemania, which could mean he is forgotten in the shuffle come next year.

He is still an unknown name outside of the wrestling world with mediocre music and an average name.

Six pack:

I was struggling to find cons here, as anyone who has been watching WWE week after week knows that Seth Rollins has been amazing since the heel turn last year. He is the complete package in terms of the much needed microphone/ wrestling talent combination, and should have somewhat of a lengthy run as champion. There’s no way he loses the title to Randy Orton, in a feud that should last two PPV’s, and could extend to the next MITB winner (Reigns?). The future really is now.

2) Bray Wyatt lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.


Coming into the event, the basis of the feud was to see who really was the new face of fear. For years, The Undertaker took the crown as the scariest of all, but most recently, Bray Wyatt has impressed many with his microphone skills. He subsequently lost cleanly to The Deadman, all but ending any momentum he had to establish himself as one of this business’ greats.

Three Pros:

Bray Wyatt came out and still called himself the new face of fear, and is now apparently targeting someone else.

He continues to be one of the best on the mic, and is a once in a lifetime talent.

There are many MANY backstories that can be told, so there is much life left in his character.

Three Cons:

The Undertaker barely spoke a word and still won the match.

Bray Wyatt always has a lot to say, and it makes sense, but he rarely backs it up with his actions.

It’s hard to take him seriously as the new face of fear when he loses and has little direction.

Six Pack:

Despite losing cleanly to The Undertaker, I for one still think of Wyatt as an established face of fear, with a gimmick that can survive. He had/has his family, he has the name of his finished “Sister Abigail” that can be expanded, he has a muddled past that isn’t quite known, and he has manipulative powers to get people to do his bidding. He’s apparently calling out someone. I really don’t know who, or why, but my guess is that it’s either Kane or Sting. I doubt it’s the latter, but I could see it as the former. We’ve seen Kane be openly blasted for being “useless”, he has had headaches more than once recently, and he needs one last makeover run with the mask before he calls it a career. A feud with Kane and (perhaps) a potential follower makes for an intriguing future. Outside of that, Wyatt is talented enough to make lemonade out of lemons as he carried this recent Undertake feud, and can do so with anything. A title perhaps?

3) Roman Reigns got his arse kicked.


Yes, Roman Reigns took a beating at Wrestlemania. He got suplexed, punched, kicked, thrown around and still didn’t give up. He hung in there and kicked out of everything dished at him by Brock Lesnar, in one of the most intense main events in recent memory. The fans wanted him to lose, and it happened, al beit with the wild card Seth Rollins.

Three Pros:

Reigns proved that he actually can hang with the big boys and tell a story in the ring.

Reigns (hopefully) gained some respect back from the fans, as he let his fists do the talking.

Reigns has a story to tell now as he will be chasing after the title he feels was stolen from him.

Three Cons:

Not winning the belt at Wrestlemania proves that it’s not just the fans who think he’s not yet ready.

As he is not the number one contender, he now probably enters a feud with Big Show, which, by all accounts, should do little to elevate him.

Where does he go after his feud with The Big Show? The real money is him in a threeway feud for that belt with his former Shield buddies, but when does that happen?

Six Pack:

Reigns is in a peculiar place, and I don’t know if the writers know what to do with him. They need him to go back to being a badass who destroys everything in sight, but who and how? Once he plows through The Big Show, perhaps he gets Kane, assuming my Kane prediction/guess doesn’t hold true. Maybe a heel turn as he goes after a secondary belt? I still like Reigns, and I disagree with consensus that he doesn’t have it. He’s got the look, and he’s got a few good moves. Look at past superstars and you’ll see that they’ve gone to greatness with a handful of trademark moves. That’s all you need, and he’s got it.

4) Daniel Bryan and John Cena both won championships at Wrestlemania.


This one has me loving and hating them equally for different reasons. One was in a ladder match that deatured young competitors in high spots in a ladder match. The other featured the end of an under-rated undefeated streak with a fantastic superstar. However, they’re both quite similar in the sense that the future seems muddled.

Three Pros:

The titles will defended often with wrestlers that know how to wrestle.

There are countless feuds that can be had with both titles.

This is a good chance to elevate superstars to the levels of Bryan and Cena.

Three Cons:

John Cena, who still isn’t over as a face with many fans, ended a fantastic undefeated streak.

John Cena rarely loses so his title defenses mean little every week.

This might prove to us that they are not sold on Daniel Bryan as a main eventer, perhaps because of his injury.

Six Pack:

While there are many negatives here about the future, for the long haul this provides more significant positives than negatives. The Intercontinental Championship needs a champion to being credibility back to the belt, and not be a champion who loses more often than not. Much like Rusev’s loss, whoever steps up and beats John Cena will be instantly elevated into prestige, although, I don’t see him holding this belt past SummerSlam. Overall it makes the roster that much better.

5) The next crop of NXT call ups have arrived.


The man that gravity forgot made his debut weeks ago, and has impressed ever since. He’s been successful in most of his matches, and has dazzled everyone with his gravity-defying maneuvers. The Lucha Dragons have debuted as well, and have given the tag team division a much needed spark. All three men could have titles around their waists by the end of the calendar year.

Three Pros:

Neville has a huge support from the fans for his death defying stunts.

The Lucha Dragons are quick, fast and small, and everyone loves an underdog.

Anyone who has watched NXT knows they’re amazing in the ring.

Three Cons:

Neville has already lost a singles match to Seth Rollins. Usually those that debut don’t lose right away, but this could be different in a positive light also.

The Lucha Dragons and perhaps too small, and we know that in the WWE world, the bigger you are, the better the chance for success.

All three men have yet to say a word on WWE TV and thus they might not connect with the WWE Universe.

Six Pack:

Overall, there can’t be enough good to say about bringin in fresh bodies for a roster that needed some rejuvenation. These guys are no exception because they’re fast and they’re loveable. It’s hard to say how far they’ll go, but I think it’s safe to assume they all win titles.

6) There’s an even better crop of NXT call ups waiting in the wing.


Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Charlotte, Hideo Itami, Tyler Breeze, Sasha Banks. Remember these names.

Three Pros:

These stars are entertaining to say the least. They can tell a great story in the ring, and they’re not bad on the microphone.

They have a cult following, and most get amazing crowd reactions on the NXT Shows.

The women in particular will probably revolutionize and change the way we see Women’s wrestling on WWE TV.

Three Cons:

Just because a small fan base likes them, it doesn’t mean it will translate well for the entire WWE Universe.

They need to establish themselves as something slightly different from everyone else in order for us to care as much as we could.

There might not be enough room on the main roster for everyone.

Six Pack:

Overall, the NXT call ups have traditionally fared well. From Nexus, to Daniel Bryan, to the Wyatts, to The Shield, to Rusev, to……well, pretty much anyone who is younger and succeeding. NXT is a main part of the future of WWE and, these mentioned stars are no exception. And, for a guy who usually refuses to watch women’s wrestling on WWE TV, I’m very excited for the new crop of women who are coming up and hopefully making a difference. They need to refresh their ideas of what a Diva is and how they can be portrayed as role models. What better way than to have ass kicking, take crap from nobody women who take matters in their own hands.

It really does seem like the future is now. There are some established veterans, and there are some up and coming stars. Overall, it’s a nice balance with a great look into the future. It’s a good time to be a fan, because there is so much that’s new being intertwined into what’s already known. If the writers can put their act together and not blow this, we could be in for quite a nice ride this next year.

And there you have it.