The Sportz Nutt Takes A Look At Wrestlemaniania’s Biggest Booking Mistakes

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Wrestlemania, the pinnacle of wrestling….errrr Sports Entertainment… the one event each and every year where memories are made. Where Legends are Born. And, well, where mistakes are remembered too. But I’m not talking about in ring mistakes, because those happen all the time. No, I’m talking about booking mistakes, where player A won a match that player B should have won instead. Let’s look back at some of the booking mistakes. In chronological order:

Wrestlemania IV – Hulk Hogan helps Macho man win the WWF Title.

I never understood this. I guess they were trying to establish a friendship for next year’s event, but, after being eliminated, Hogan didn’t need to be there and he used heelish tactics by hitting Ted DiBiase in the back with a chair. Why not have Savage win it on his own?

Wrestlemania VI – Roddy Piper in blackface.


Do I even need to explain why?

Wrestlemania VIII – Hogan vs Flair nixed.

We were supposed to get the WWF Champ vs the NWA Champ in a dream match, but instead got Hogan vs Sid that featured Papa Shango forgetting his cue to interrupt the match, thus making Sid one of the only ones to ever kick out of the Leg Drop of Doom.

Wrestlemania IX – Hogan helps Bret Hart.

All of a sudden, Hogan befriends Hart and cares for his well being?!?! And then, after Hart is hurt, he immediately leaves his side (with Hart’s half-hearted blessing) to take on and beat Yokozuna in seconds? This destroyed Hart’s credibility and made Yokozuna look like an idiot.

Wrestlemania XI – The entire card.

No explanation needed.

Wrestlemania XV – The Undertaker and the Brood hang The Big Boss Man.

Fine, you beat him. Fine, you extended your win streak. However, to hang the man and then have NOBODY whatsoever try to save the man who is “dying” is ridiculous.

Wrestlemania XIX – Booker T loses to Triple H.

Booker T was on his way up the ladder. He was gaining popularity. He was beating credible foes. Then he had his sight set on Triple H for the title. Triple H believed he was better than Booker T, even using Booker’s criminal past and skin color as factors keeping him down. Racial undertones, to say the least, but something that the overall payoff of success would overcome…..until he lost….cleanly……1,2,3.

Wrestlemania XIV – Kane wins quickly.

Not sure the point of these types of matches. As you’ll see…….

Wrestlemania XXVII – Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler – sort of.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the minority as one of the few who liked Cole’s heel turn. I don’t know why, I just did. That said, this went on for 8 minutes too long.

Wrestlemania XXVIII – Sheamus copies Kane.

See Wrestlemania XIV.

Wrestlemania XXX – Ending the Streak.

Should not have happened until The Undertaker retired.

And there you have it.