The Sportz Nutt takes us into the world of Lucha Underground

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For those of you who think that WWE is the be all and end all of what is professional wrestling……errr sports entertainment…have I got a treat for you! Presenting……..Lucha Underground!

Let’s examine this a bit closer in this edition of the Sportznutt Six Pack.

  • – I have been watching this faithfully for about 2 months, however, I am not too familiar with what happened before then. If some of my specifics with regards to plots are off, I apologize.

1)      The women can wrestle.

And boy are they good. There’s this one lady called Sexy Star, and she wrestles amongst the men, Just recently she lost a Submission match to another guy, but needed someone else to help him win. She’s that good. No, she’s not overweight, or does not have genetically freaky arms like Awesome Kong or Chyna, she’s just a quick woman with unique abilities. There’s also a lady called Black Lotus, who has been seen backstage training, but, this isn’t your typical woman who trains with weights. No, she has a man training her using henchmen to attack her. Oh, and just recently, she was kidnapped and abducted because she is after the boss and his brother. More on that later. Ivelisse, well she’s one third of the Trios Champions with, you guessed it, two other men. She takes a beating, but can deliver it too. My points is, the women here aren’t used just as sex symbols and bathroom breaks. They’re given a fair shot in and out of the ring, treated as equals, and entertaining.

2)      The production value is amazing.

Every episode begins with a live band playing music, usually Mexican inspired. When they play, there’s a name that appears onscreen that’s very important: Mark Burnett. Yes, the same producer of shows like “Shark Tank”, “Survivor”, “The Voice” and more. So it looks professionally done. How so? There’s a camera directly over-top the ring, which looks great. There are cameras everywhere which mean that none of the action is missed. The audio is terrific, which means that we can hear every single shot that is delivered to the body and every landing on the mat sounds impactful. The fans are so loud and appreciative of the action in the ring. There are rarely any replays in match, so your eyes never leave the competitors. It’s really well done.

3)      The backstage segments are amazing.

This isn’t your typical interview backstage, or your run in with someone else talking. No rather, we have plot advancement segments that look straight out of a movie. There’s music, there are multiple camera angles, there’s great acting, there’s intensity, and there is no fluff. Don’t believe me?

4)      The plots are unique.

Here is where I might get a bit off, since I’m trying to piece things together here. Which tells you something, because it’s quite easy to watch WWE and connect the dots. Here, mind you, it’s not so easy. I believe there is a leader of the corporation, Dario Cueto, who is awesome by the way, and he is your “evil boss”. He owns everyone and makes them fight for his pleasure. However, he prefers some over the others, and punishes those who don’t obey him. Standard, I guess, except that he has a much bigger brother who he keeps locked up somewhere in the arena who is apparently like an animal. We’ve never seen him, but he has, at one point, killed a wrestler who was being taught a lesson for not following through on some orders. There’s his second in command, Chavo Guerrero, who helps him out because he gets paid to do so, but also now needs protection from Cueto because back in Mexico, there’s a whole fleet of problems awaiting him, and those Mexicans are being represented by Black Lotus who wants to kill Cueto’s brother. That’s just with these characters. We also have a long time champ of honor, 3 talented champions who don’t get along, a guy who lost his eye due to a cigar being stuck in during a fight, and two longtime enemies who will never see eyes to eye. Amazing.

5)      There are no PPV’s.

Here’s something I wonder if WWE will lead to, because they no longer need PPV with the Network in full swing. With Lucha Underground, every week feels like an event, as feuds can come to an end on their weekly show because they’re not prodding you to buy anything. Therefore, the plt thickens, improves, evolves etc. It’s really interesting. For instance, one week after a number one contender’s match, we saw the actual title match. We didn’t have to wait two weeks with lots of build up. We also saw a week after week tournament for the Trios Championships, and nothing was saved for later. It’s a refreshing way to present the product.

6)      The wrestling is amazing.

And there you have it.