The Sportz Nutt Talks A Bit About Mike Trout

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In the past, I’ve written about superstars in their respective sports who have had solid, if not incredible, starts to their careers. Larry Fitzgerald, LeBron James and others have all been touted by me to be “The Next Big Thing”. The other day, Mike Trout celebrated his 25th birthday, and, at around certain ages is when comparisons start being made to greats from the past. We’ve known for years that he is a truly great player, but just how good is he? Here are some staggering stats:

He has more career hits than Pete Rose did at 25.
He has more career homeruns than Barry Bonds did at 25.
He has more career runs scored than Ricky Henderson did at 25.
He has more total bases than Hank Aaron did at 25.

All of the players mentioned above are the all-time leaders in their respective categories. That is marvelous, to say the least, with Trout showing no signs of slowing down. Even on a bad Angels team, he still is having a tremendous season. Still not convinced?

His lowest season-long batting average in years where he qualified was .287, which was, coincidentally, the year he recorded his most RBI at 111.
He has four seasons of 25+ homeruns and 100+ RBI.
He has a career batting average of .306.
He has robbed 8 career homeruns, two more than anyone since his debut.

Anyone who has watched him play knows that he is an outstanding talent. He can do it with the glove, with the bat and with his legs. Defensively he’s a gem. Offensively he’s a stud. It will be fun to watch him as he continues to shatter records like he has. What’s truly amazing is that in baseball, it’s difficult to pinpoint who the greatest of all-time is, because there are pitchers and hitters, as well as different types of hitters. For instance, Barry Bonds leads the majors in career homeruns, while Ricky Henderson leads the majors in career steals, yet both could and should be considered as two of the all-time greats and have valid arguments to back their causes. Mike Trout, according to the stats above, is on pace to break BOTH of their records. Now, will he, we don’t know. I doubt it, to be honest, because it’s just the way the game is played these days. However, to be so close to both, while also recording hit after hit, truly defines what a great should be. He may not be just “The Next Big Thing”, but rather “The Thing”.

And there you have it.