The Sportz Nutt Talks About Great WWE Reveals

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So on Monday, it was revealed that Kurt Angle had a son whom he knew nothing about until recently. In case you missed it, here’s the segment from RAW:

Wow, Jason Jordan?!?! Honestly, I made the prediction that it was someone from American Alpha right before it started, as we haven’t seen Jordan for quite awhile on Smackdown Live, and Chad Gable was on a singles run. It’s an interesting dynamic now, having Jordan go solo as Angle’s son on RAW, while Gable seems primed and ready for an under card run. It’s unfortunate, though, that we never did get that money feud of American Alpha vs The Usos, because both teams were on fire at the time. That said, it got me thinking about other family reunions on WWE TV….what were some other famous reveals?

Only on WWE TV, right? Hornswoggle?!?! I remember that it was supposed to be Mr. Kennedy, but he was either injured or causing disruptions backstage. This was a little let down because it was deemed as dumb and didn’t lead to anything substantial for the future. At least with Jordan, this could lead to a nice singles run, but, come on, did anyone believe that Hornswoggle was going to do anything else?

Ironically enough, Kane revealing his mask was probably more beneficial to his career at that time. He had already gone through his family problems, had his girlfriend turn on him and had made a return from injury, but afterwards, the possibilities were becoming stagnant. What as left to do for character development? Why not show the beast beneath the mask? And that’s what they did. He was more vocal, more relateable, and continued his long career, winning titles. BTW:

A vote for Kane is a vote for change in 2018!

This one was a little bit of a letdown for fans. It was revealed that the person who ran over Stone Cold in the parking lot with his car was Rikishi, who, as he said, “did it for The Rock”. The disappointment derived from the fact that a) he was a lovable character b) he wasn’t seen as a main eventer and c) nobody wanted it. The feud ended up going almost nowhere, and didn’t really elevate Rikishi anywhere big, but it was still a good “whodunnit” nonetheless.

One week previous to the reveal, “The Higher Power” showed himself to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the ring, who was confined, and revealed that he was the one who was going to destroy him. For one week, the world was wondering who was it. Someone new? Someone old? Rumor has it that it was supposed to be “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, but McMahon thought he was too small, so……he just made it himself instead. A bit of a letdown, again, because it was just continuing the Austin/McMahon feud (which in hindsight is a Top 3 feud of all-time, but at the time, may have needed a bit of a refresher, since it was running its course.

Ugh, seriously? I have no more to say.

This one had the potential to be one of the best ever, as it was a way to retire the McMahon character and also further a story line. I heard it was supposed to be Mr. Kennedy (who would finally be revealed as the son), or even a whodunnit again leading to a McMahon return….but then the Chris Benoit incident happened, and all was laid to rest.

What are some of your favorite reveals in wrestling? Did I miss any? Black Scorpion maybe? Comment below.

And there you have it.