The Sportz Nutt Talks About History Being Made In 2016

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While some say that 2016 was a horrible year in the entertainment world (we lost so many iconic figures), I counter that the year 2016 was a historic year in the sports world. We saw records broken, legends cemented and curses lifted. This was the year of hellos, goodbyes and more to come. It was a fantastic sports year. Here are my highlights:

Leicester City wins the Premier League Championships one year after narrowly avoiding relegation.

I am by no means a soccer expert or superfan, but the story of this is truly epic. One year after almost dropping down a level, Leicester City ended up winning the Champions League in one of the most shocking upsets ever. How shocking? The odds were 5000:1 that this would happen, and the event was unprecedented. Amazing to say the least.

Chicago Cubs win World Series

Much like the English Premier League, this meant a lot to many Americans, as the Cubs put away the curse of the goat and won baseball’s championships for the first time in over a century. Years and years of heartache, hardship and disappointment were wiped away as the best team in baseball proved their worth. They were by no means even close to 5000:1 underdogs as the aforementioned team, but, with the curse in the back of their minds, perhaps they were even bigger underdogs (if you believe in curses). Cubs fans everywhere celebrated with laughter, tears and grateful praise.

Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship

While the Indians didn’t bring home a title for Cleveland, their NBA compadres did, as the Cavs were able to end a sports franchises drought for the city by beating the Golden State Warriors. It was an incredible return for LeBron as he elevated himself into the elite upper echelon of the game’s all-time greats by (pretty much) single-handedly coming back from a 3-1 deficit against arguably the greatest NBA team in history…..though he may have had some help from Kyrie with an iconic 3 pointer.

We also had some dramatic finishes to championship games:

Villanova wins it!

This won a National Title for Villanova….I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like THAT before.

Portugal beats France in the Euro Cup!

This came out of nowhere to be the winning goal in the Euro Cup in extra time.

It really was an incredible sports year. We saw so many good things, and, above all else, I don’t recall there being much of any anger, rioting or people/things destroyed as teams celebrated. In a world where people may feel they’re pulled apart in many directions, thank you to sports for bringing us together.

And there you have it.