The Sportz Nutt Talks About The 2016 WWE Royal Rumble!

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It’s that time of the year, when Wrestlemania season kicks into full gear. What starts it off is a spectacle within itself, the Royal Rumble PPV and subsequent Royal Rumble match itself. This year, the stakes are higher than ever as the champion, Roman Reigns, must put his title on the line, and the winner of the match will walk away WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Poor Roman Reigns, who enters as #1, must fight off 29 others. Here are my six favorites to walk away champion in this edition of the Sportznutt Six-Pack. In no particular order:

1) Roman Reigns

Starting with the champ himself, he just won the title a short time ago, and subsequently went off, destroying Triple H in the process, beating Sheamus in a rematch, destroying Mr. McMahon and then causing him to be the #1 entrant. He’s painted himself into a corner, but he’s been built up like a true hero. The fans who were against him months ago seem to be rallying on his side, all thanks to the McMahons. Will he walk away champ?

2) Brock Lesnar

The champion who was never pinned is always a popular way of keeping cred on a fallen superstar. This holds true for Lesnar who never officially lost at last year’s Wrestlemania. He came back weeks ago and obliterated every superstar that was in the ring, including said champ. He’s a main eventer in the truest sense and really looks good with the belt. People flock to see him fight as he’s a true money maker. Champion after the Rumble is a possibility.

3) Chris Jericho

Since returning, he’s gone from being a cocky know it all, to a friend of the faces, to a bonafide main eventer and true threat to take it all. What’s been great is that he hasn’t really been physically involved against anyone good or bad, and really, that’s an accomplishment in and of itself because he’s good as either a face or a heel. He still has some unfinished business with Ambrose from a few months ago, and his jokes of old make him seem like a cocky heel who doesn’t know he’s not funny, but then he got involved with the McMahons and New Day, so he could go either way.

4) Triple H

Mr. McMahon said that when Triple H strikes back, it will never be seen coming, and hit him hard. What better way to either cost Reigns the belt at the Rumble, or win it himself? Entrant #31 perhaps? The Authority does make up the rules after all. Or, he can come out and personally eliminate Roman Reigns. Even if he wins the Rumble and is champion, it would be for a handful of months before subsequently losing it back to Reigns.

5) Bray Wyatt

Perhaps it’s because I think he’s one of the most gifted superstarss to be in the WWE in quite some time, but I see him as having an opportunity to win it all. He has his cult followers to eliminate any and all competitors, and can justifiably main event a Wrestlemania PPV, probably against Brock Lesnar as he’s already had an extended feud with Reigns. The only thing holding him back is that he’s never won any WWE gold. Weird, I know.

6) The field

A cheap cop out, but something that needs to be done. Could it be a guy like Ziggler or Sheamus? Or maybe a newcomer (one of which I hear is on his way, and is phenomenal by the way)? Maybe an NXT star? I don’t see anyone of the above doing it, but they will definitely make some noise. Usually the Rumble has one underdog in the Final Four.

The Verdict: Ultimately, I see it one of two ways: Triple H or Roman Reigns. On the one hand, Triple H is coming back to get revenge, but on the other hand, I’ve said for months that it will be Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar in a Wrestlemania rematch. I’ll stick with my original prediction of Reigns, but wouldn’t be surprised if Triple H wins it. However, since Vegas has him as the odds on favorite, I could see a switcheroo.