The Sportz Nutt Talks About The Authority and the WWE Title

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The Authority needs someone to make them relevant again. They just lost Seth Rollins, and Bah Gawd, they’re lonely. They “have” The Big Show, but he’s no longer a big event. They fired Corporate Kane after he lost to Seth Rollins, who then subsequently joined his brother. And Seth…..oh boy…..he’s gone for 6-9 months:

A moment of silence for the 2015 wrestler of the year.




Here we are now, with a tournament to decide the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And before its commencement, Roman Reigns was offered the WWE World Heavyweight Title…..with one condition:

And now, the tournament begins.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.12.28 PM

The first round saw no huge upsets, outside of Kalisto advancing. However, this tournament was made for Roman Reigns to be in the finals. He should have a great 2nd round matchup against Cesaro, and then against Del Rio, but ultimately his side belongs to him. As for the other side, I see Dean Ambrose advancing, with Kevin Owens being an underdog second.

But sportznutt, I thought we were talking about The Authority?!?!

We are. Ultimately, Roman Reigns OR Dean Ambrose will join The Authority to claim the ultimate prize in Sports Entertainment. One friend will turn on the other and become Triple H’s next project. If I had to pick, I’d say Reigns, but it’s a toss up, each with equal potential. Thoughts?

And there you have it.