The Sportz Nutt Talks About The Best Teams Ever To NOT Win A Title

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The Warriors finished their regular season with the best record in the history of the game. They were as close to perfection as any other professional team has been that didn’t play football. They lost as many games in the postseason though and failed to win a championship. Some may feel they were over-rated, but I don’t. They are a unit of players that are as unselfish as any. They run, the move, they pass and they are smart. That said, they failed to seal the deal. Here are some other of the best teams ever to NOT win a title.

Seattle Mariners (2001): 116-46

Lost ALDS to Yankees

They had it all with Ichiro, Boone, Olerud, Cameron, Garcia, Pineiro…..and no Randy or Griffey. They dominated everyone…..until it mattered most.

New England Patriots (2007): 16-0

Lost Super Bowl to Giants

Brady to Moss! Brady to Moss! Eli to…..Tyree? Ugh.

Detroit Red Wings (1995-96): 62-13-7

Lost in Western Conference Semi-Finals to Avalanche

Coming off a Stanley Cup win, they thought a dynasty was about to begin. They were wrong.

And there you have it.