The Sportz Nutt Talks About the “Elite 6” In The NBA

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This offseason, we have seen the rich get richer, and the poor get, well, much poorer. I honestly can’t remember a time where there were so many elite teams, and so many teams with little or no chance of winning a championship. In fact. I’ll narrow it down to a few teams, which find themselves in a tier of their own, followed by a second tier, we can title the rest. In the Western Conference, it is ridiculously tight and competitive, that a team like the Memphis Grizzlies, who play incredible defense and have a team with some of the best talents in the league, will probably finish 4th in their division. It’s just that good. So here they are, in no particular order:

1) Golden State Warriors

What makes this team so amazing is that they already have the chemistry needed to win. They’re young, small, revolutionary and have the league’s MVP. Furthermore, they re-signed the key components to their success, and, with some mini moves throughout the season, may have enough money to lure over Kevin Durant next offseason. A repeat will be a lot tougher this season.

2) San Antonio Spurs

They lured LaMarcus Aldridge over from Portland and will allow him to remain at the PF position, while having one of the greatest centers of our time continue being awesome. They also got an extremely valuable backup in David West, who sacrificed over $11 million to play for the minimum and win a title. On top of all that, they re-signed their future components and will be hungry after angrily losing to the Clippers. A title seems likely in San Antonio.

3) Houston Rockets

They took a big gamble in Ty Lawson, with his off court incidents, but the rewards seem plentiful, as their starting five just took an incredible upswing. If Harden can find a way to not be the centre of the Rockets’ earth, and if Dwight can regain some form of himself from years past, they can really do some damage and maybe even hang with the Spurs. A deep bench could come in handy come playoff time.

4) Los Angeles Clippers

One would hope they’ve learned their lessons in how they should have treated, not just DeAndre Jordan, but Chris Paul as well, and hopefully he turns into a friendlier floor general for the Clippers. Depth has always been a problem for Los Angeles, but now that they have Paul Pierce and Josh Smith, it;s all or nothing for the Clippers. Let’s hope this bonding helps them get over the hump.

5) Oklahoma City Thunder

They barely missed out on the playoffs with a hurting team, but now come back healthy as ever, and provide the league with one of the best trios imaginable. I can see them coming out with a vengeance, wanting to prove their worthiness to all, especially with both Durant and Westbrook approaching the end of their contracts.

6) Cleveland Cavaliers

We haven’t even left the Western Conference, and this is probably the only elite team outside of it. Lebron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving should give the Cavs everything they need to succeed. They were two wins away from a title without Love and irving, and now with Thompson and Mozgov providing stability and Mo Williams for depth, there is no other Eastern Conference team that comes close to the Cavaliers.

So essentially, these are the six teams that are the elite, and there are no other teams in this bracket. The aforementioned Grizzlies, plus the Pelicans and possibly the Bulls (by default) are crawling close to this tier, but these half dozen teams standalone as the class of the NBA. One of these six teams will make win the NBA Championship next season, but who it is remains a mystery.

And there you have it.