The Sportz Nutt Talks About The Latest Head Scratcher From The NFL

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In the category of head scratchers, last week, the new offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills, Aaron Kromer, was arrested for domestic violence. Sound familiar within the NFL? Sure I bet it does. However, there’s a story within the story here, as the violence was battery with intent to cause bodily harm….to a minor. Allegedly, Kromer didn’t like that he and his two friends were using his beach chairs one night, one thing led to another, and the next thing you know, Kromer pushed one boy to the ground, then punched him in the eye, and THEN threatened to kill his family if he told anyone.

*What I’m about to say is something I don’t condone, and it might be made out to look like I do. Please note that I absolutely think what he did is hideous, repugnant and repulsive. It’s cowardly, stupid and makes him far less of a human being for doing it. That being said……

It’s one thing to push someone, realize you’ve made a mistake, stop there and try to make things right,

It’s one thing to push someone and punch them, realize the gravity of the situation and try to make it up,

But to then compound that by threatening him and his family, to the extent of murder,

AND on top of that, to not be man enough to understand that the comments of kids should never be taken seriously because you’re an adult and capable of mature decisions that make you understand that beach chairs can be bought and shared…….he is such an idiot.

But that’s not even the biggest part of this head scratching debacle. Just a few days ago, the Buffalo Bills laid their disciplinary verdict on the situation and concluded that he would be……sent home with pay. Sooooo, smoking a joint requires 4 games without pay as punishment, but doing what Kromer did means he gets an extended vacation? Something isn’t right here.

What do you all think?

And there you have it.